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Facing history project

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This is our memorial to the homosexuals in the Holocaust Over 11 million people perished in the Holocaust from various targeted populations. Of the targeted populations, one group was the homosexuals. The Nazis arrested an estimated 100,000 homosexual men, 50,000 of whom were imprisoned. Between 5,000 and 15,000 gay men were interned in concentration camps in Nazi Germany. The homosexuals were identified by a pink triangle sewn onto their regulation uniforms. According to survivor accounts, homosexuals were one of the most abused groups in the camps. Homosexuals were highly targeted because they could not have children, thus being unable to continue Hitler's legacy. Nazis wanted to find a cure for homosexuality and conducted medical experiments on some gay concentration camp inmates. These experiments caused illness, mutilation, and even death, and did not reveal any useful conclusion. SS chief Heinrich Himmler was the commander in charge of the persecution of homosexuals in the Third Reich. Lesbians were not regarded as a threat to the Nazis because they could technically still have children and often were raped to continue the Aryan race. In addition, lesbians were not typically persecuted in any way. In most cases, the Nazis were willing to accept former homosexuals into the "racial community" on the basis that they gave up their lifestyle. For other prisoners, sexuality became a way to survive. In exchange for sexual favors, some Kapos protected a certain prisoner, usually of young age, giving him extra food and shielding him from the abuse of other prisoners. Despite that, most homosexuals had no support network and were much more likely to die quickly. Survival was also accessible to those homosexuals that opted for castration. There are no known statistics for the number of homosexuals that died in the camps. Our memorial seeks to commemorate the homosexuals who were affected by the Holocaust. We incorporated two symbols of homosexuality, both modern and obsolete. The symbol on the left is two crosses, which is the Venus symbol for women. The symbols interlocking represents women in love. Likewise, the symbol on the right is the Mars symbol for men, representing two men interlocked. As mentioned, the pink triangle was the Nazi way of identifying homosexuals. In the center of this triangle, we placed two men wearing concentration camp uniforms. Their faces are left blank to symbolize the nameless homosexuals who perished. It also represents how anyone could be a homosexual and there is no way of knowing. The men are standing on and over the pink triangle to symbolize that the symbol does not own them and that they are above it. The two men are in handcuffs to symbolize their joint persecution. Although the Holocaust ended seventy years ago, people still continue to target and ridicule homosexuality today. We hope that this memorial will shine a light on this important topic and inspire people to be more accepting of everyone. Thank you for viewing this video. We hope you learned something valuable. This video was brought to you by Idva Cako and Alessandra Spencer-Pereira.

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