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Homofobia sem máscara

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If sexual diversity is natural, how can it be threatening? Why does it incite such a hatred? In 1996, psychologists from the University of Georgia devised an experiment to test something that had long been suspected, but never confirmed. from the pool of undergraduates they selected 64 young men who were all identified as heterosexuals who never experienced a homosexual thought or fantasy let alone a sexual act one by one, they were invited to take part in a laboratory experiment but what they didn't know, was that they had already been divided into 2 groups from the basis of answers to a questionnaire the homophobes and those who were laxed about other people's sexuality the lab has been setup for a screening of homoerotic videos and on arrival the volunteers were introduced to a little gadget which could measure sexual arousal we used penile plethysmography and I have an example of the strain gauge here this loop goes around the penis and as the penis becomes engorged with blood and becomes erected, it stretches and we are able to detect those differences in length and circumference of the gauge Ok, what I need you to do is pay attention to the video we are going to present to you and after it is over, I will ask you 2 questions: on a scale 0 to 10, how much did it turn you on? on a scale 0 to 10, how much of an erection, did you get to that video? do you have any questions? OK. We are ready to begin. a significant proportion of the homophobic men demonstrated what we call a significant levels of arousal more that 12 mm of mercury increase on the strain gauge to the male homosexual video the non-homophobic group, the overwhelming majority of these individuals had no sexual arousal to the male homosexual video Here was confirmation, those who are outraged by a sexual deviation are often fighting something within themselves this particular experiment, the extent of the denial was further underlined by answers given to the question how much of that video turned you on? although all the participants were there sitting down with their pants down and the evidence before their eyes almost to a men the homophobes reported no reaction whatsoever to the video denial and self-deception were themes of the trial of Gwent's killers to the her assailant who had sex with her weeks before the murder She had had no transitional surgery and was anatomically male only when that became known to the wider group, do young men resort to violence I can't be gay, I can't be gay What is it that induces extreme violence to the point of killing someone? against people who are transgender or who are gay? The source of that violence, not always, but very often comes from adolescent males and often ones who are the least secure about their own sexuality people who are comfortable with their own sexuality are not threatened by people of a distinctive orientation or distinctive practices. why should you be threatened?

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Year: 2011
Country: United Kingdom
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Posted by: grasso1964 on Oct 26, 2012

Pesquisa mostra que pessoas homofóbicas são gays enrustidos

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