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There is a better way [TZM]

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It is time for real change, not empty promises. No amount of socialism or free market ideology will save us from ourselves. There needs to be a fundamental re-write of what we think we know, to achieve a sustainable human enterprise. Our generation has stood and watched.. our planet has been raped and pillaged, yet we do nothing. our government bailed out the very people who created this economic crisis, yet we do nothing. our rights have been stripped away from us, and yet we do nothing. .as we have been handed the problems of the countless generations before it, and we are preparing to do the same to the next generation and we do nothing. Let us be the first generation to hand solutions to our children and our childrens children. But we can´t do it alone. Let us break down the barriers we have created amongst ourselves. We need all of you, every last one, to say enough is enough in one voice. Not as Americans or Russians, Christians or Muslims... but as fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters. Let us destroy the lines between us and work to create a world where our children are truly safe and free. Let us create a world where we can tell our children that they can be and do whatever their hearts desire, and know deep inside us we are telling them the truth. Let our generation be the one. We have the tools. We have the knowledge. We have the technology. It is time we make the transition to a world, an economy, and a future we all deserve regardless of geographic location or economic disposition. As long as we rely on legacy systems defined in a 19th century mentality all we will do is spin our wheels while a parade of economic and ekologic disasters visits us again and again. It is time to pull the plug on this charade because as you will find out there is a better way. Learn more and get involved at (Text written by the communication team of the Zeitgeist Movement) (here you can place a website of your regional chapter)

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Posted by: pscigulinsky on Oct 19, 2010

We, the Zeitgeist Movement representatives, reach out to you so that we can all work together to do what must be done. Every man, woman and child has a voice, but together we can create one voice so deafening that no one will have a choice but to listen. But it requires you. It requires you put away preconceived notions you have been told about “the way things are” as if it is the only way, because it's not! Our way of thinking will no longer sustain us.
The choice is yours.

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