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Lumos' Bulgarian Self Advocates - Let's Talk Lumos TV 8 MINUTE CLEAN

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Dear viewers! We interrupt this broadcast for some breaking news coming from the studio of "Let Talk Lumos” TV. It appears that for over 2 months there has been a second government working simultaneously with the current one and consisting of: The Minister of Education and Science, The Minister of Labour and Social Policy, two Ministers of Healthcare, and a Minister of Finance. They have been discussing ways in which to distribute funds so as to close down the country's biggest institutions for disabled children, and how they would team up to make this easier. They still lack experience as they are not even adults yet, but children and young adults. But they do know the problems of children with disabilities, and of these institutions. They have worked for three years as a team before forming this secret government and what you are about to hear is a result of their combined national and international experience, as well as of the solid understanding of a Declaration essential to our country by the World Health Organization: "Better Health, Better Life". So we paid them a visit to hear what they have to say. See for yourselves! [Minister of Labour and Social Policy] If I were a real Minister I would give money to the mothers and fathers to take care of their children, and not leave them, whether they are disabled or not. I give money so there can be well-trained staff at the small group homes, and the sheltered houses. I give money so that there would be well-trained occupational therapists who could take on apprentices from among the disabled children. For different aids - walkers, wheelchairs, and others. I give money for social workers, who would peek into the soul of each child, coming from an institution. I would support the people who want to be foster parents. I give money... I give money for social workers, who would make sure that there won’t be violence at the small group homes for children with disabilities. We discussed with the Minister of Healthcare that it is better to have social services close by, so that children can be taken there, when needed. We would carefully investigate the people, who I employ, and their background. I would give money so that... There would be... I would give money so there would be a social hotline for any family that would need the help of the social services. I'll share experience with my colleagues from abroad. [Minister of Education and Science- MES] As Minister of Education I am responsible for all children. I would use most government funds so that children with disabilities who have been in residential homes can be included. I would give... so there would be wheelchair ramps and special toilets, so that children in wheelchairs can get to the rooms... can get to their classrooms. So that in the cafeterias there would be fresh and healthy food. And there would be no stale food. And I want the the Ministry of Healthcare to monitor this. Together with the Ministry of Healthcare and the Ministry of Social Policy we combined our effort to arrange specialized transportation for children with disabilities. And we have agreed to organize for a recreation room where disabled children could rest and relax. There has to be... There also has to be... We would have to... We would need funds so that teachers and parents can work together for the good of the children with disabilities. Disabled children should not drop out of school. They should finish their secondary education. And I would personally award any school where disabled children do finish their secondary education. [Minister of Healthcare - MH] For me, as Minister of Healthcare it is important that the Minister be able to support the people with disabilities in finding a job. If we want there to be no more children in residential homes we have to support families that have a child with disabilities. Support workers should explain in detail what the problem really is, and how it can be treated, so the child would have a normal life. I would provide more suitable conditions at dental surgeries for children with disabilities because not every child can be treated at a typical dental surgery, and for children from homes it must be even more stressful. For me, as Minister of Healthcare it is essential to protect the health of each and every citizen. And most of all, protecting children and young adults' health. Together with the Minister of Social Policy, we would work towards providing children and young adults, who are no longer in homes, with access to essential services and place them within easy reach: a school, proper healthcare, physiotherapists, psychologists, even work opportunities, which are offered to young adults from sheltered houses. With the consent of the Minister of Social Policy we would also create a training centre for parents of children with disabilities, in which they could share experience. It is imperative that we hire a psychologist, with whom these people can share their concerns. I would fund several preventive check-ups by specialists for mothers so that the problem can be detected on time and solved. I would organize more frequent meetings between the Ministry of Healthcare's representatives and parents, and their children. At these meetings everyone would have the right to state their opinion, and receive answers about healthcare issues important to them. For me, of all the Minster of Finance's obligations, the most important one is to collect all taxes in the country. That way I can grant all Ministries enough funds. I would give funds to the Minister of Education for the hiring of resource teachers to help all children with disabilities, and to the Minister of Labour and Social Policy to hire people who will assist children with disabilities. I would give funds to the Minister of Labour and Social Policy, so that he can pay mothers, who are left without a job to take care of their children, who are in constant need for them to be around. That way there would be no more children left at the institutions. I would monitor the funds I grant to the Ministry. If they ask for funds over the budget they have, the Ministers would have to report to me personally each month with reports to prove what the funds have been spent on. Otherwise I would not approve their expenses. In each region's key city I would open an office of the Minister of Finance, where families can go and state their opinions, and give recommendations. I would appoint a special Deputy Minister in charge of these matters. I will do my best to personally attend the meetings of the Child Parliament, and to hear them out on matters they care most deeply about and to listen to what ideas they have. I would invite their representatives to trade places with me for a day. I’ll be a student, he - the Minister. With thanks to Michaela, Yasen, Teddy, Ellie, and Veliko, who walked in the Ministers’ shoes.

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Lumos' Bulgarian Self Advocates - Let's Talk Lumos TV 8 MINUTE CLEAN

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