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COLEMAN: Write CO2 not a threat - your career is over

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I think it was 84 then that they established - I think, Fred might correct me - 84 I think, they established the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change Now, I don't want you to think it was a scientific research organisation. Because it wasn't It was... it had a political and environmental agenda from the beginning It had a hypothesis Global warming is being caused by CO2 It got the rebel paper as well And its head was using it And it was based on that and on the Keeling curve This was it. And from here they were ready to go. So what they started doing was passing out the money. Getting grant money. Passing it out. To all these different scientists Now, take yourself as an example. Let's say you decided, when you were at high school you wanted to be a climatological scientist or a meteorologist, do research. So you spend 10 years in college. You collect 50 thousand dollars in student debt And you get out of college and you fall in love and marry a woman Or if you are a woman scientist, fall in love with a man and marry him. You got a mortgage, you got kids. And you got a job, at a university, doing research or in some foundation-related research group and you get a grant and you do research on global warming and say "CO2 isn't important, nothing is happening, there is no crisis." Carreer over, student loan unpaid marriage fails, wife leaves you children think Dad is a failure, you become drunk and you are dead. Or... you crank out the paper they want it gets published in a journal you get invited to join the IPCC you get invited to go to Bali, like last year,or some other exotic place for a Meeting you get a stand-up and get your powerpoint presentation You wear a suit. First class. You are a big guy. And you get your money. Money keeps flowing. Do you think this old weatherman here might have a hint how it all happens? Or is he just kind of wacko? I think I know. There is a huge pressure to produce the science that they are paid for. And it happens. And it happens in this country and in all countries around the world. And then you have to defend it. Oh, you HAVE to defend it! So you defend MY paper, give me a good peer-review. I'll give YOU a good peer review. And the club forms. And the syndicate tightens. They throw their arms around each other. The old boys, club of science. And folks I am here to tell you. This is exactly what's happened to the IPCC.

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Posted by: kremlik on Feb 8, 2010

John Coleman, founder of Weather Channel explaining, why so many scientists wrote about the dangers of CO2 in the past decades.

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