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[ENG SUB] 20161028 大牌对王牌第4季 WJSN (Xuan Yi, Mei Qi & Cheng Xiao) Cut

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Welcome our beautiful Cosmic Girls WJSN Welcome WJSN! Welcome~ Thank you New friends~ Please have a seat Now our WJSN is going to do their show Let's welcome WJSN~ MQ: How come the ball is so big CX: What is this? MQ: How come the ball is that big? CX: The theme of today's broadcast is showcasing ourselves MQ: Personal talents CX: Because this is a variety show CX: There are still many people who are not familiar with us right? MQ: Right CX: So we would like to show everyone the best that we can do Host: Personal talents right? CX: Yes, that's right. Host: Example like "Chest crushing a boulder" CX: We'll crush it and see MQ: Chest crushing the big ball Host: Crushing the gym ball So what kind of personal talents do you want to show us? CX: So we shall let Mei Qi go first: Sexy Dance! omg omg Thank you~ WJSN, Is there anymore? CX: Then our second performer will be Xuan Yi Host: Ok show us MQ: She will various facial expressions while dancing MQ: We will play songs randomly Host: Alright, three two one, start! *Sistar - I Like That* Dada ge! You can do this! Go~ Dada ge~ FIghting! Ok, thank you MQ: After so much dancing, right now, our finale~ CX: During my appearance on another program, i did a gymnastics performance Host: Using a ball? CX: Originally I used a ball around this size CX: Ball gymnastics The elegant and graceful kind Host: That was a small ball, this ball over here is at least 20 times bigger right? Can we use that small ball? CX: Is there one? Don't get pricked by it Host: Was the ball you used in the past around this size? CX: It was slightly bigger than this Could you use this huge ball to show us your performance? CX: I will try my best Wow~ Incredible Very flexible This flexibility gets 5 points Wow that thigh~ My role model Host: Congrats MQ: We won! Host: As expected, the power of three people is much greater So right now, the number 1 rank on our show is WJSN! We will showcase your MV at the end of the show and promote for you all~ Thank you everyone who supports WJSN! We will take a break and proceed to our next segment~ Thank you! Come back

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大牌对王牌第4季 20161028
WJSN Cosmic Girls Xuan Yi Mei Qi Cheng Xiao Cut
우주소녀 宇宙少女 宣仪 美岐 程潇 선의 미기 程潇

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