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Kai Liu - Anren, China - Sichuan (Global Lives Project, 2008) ~18:17:18 - 18:32:19

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'These are ''Zhu Jian Qiang (pig strong)'' Eggs' 'The flavor is quite good, but please don't be mistaken' 'this ''Zhu Jian Qiang'' with the other ''Zhu Jianqiang'' (we know).' 'This one is a take away store named ''Zhu Jian Qiang'' which has been selling Sichuan braised food for generations.' 'The store might not seem big, and its braised food is also very common' 'and nothing special.' 'But the name ''Zhu Jianqiang'', used by this store, is very well-known. 'Just the name itself has attracted some customers...' 'Early this morning, a little guy was running along Wu Li East Road.' 'This little creature has caught the eyes of everyone by jumping around on the street.' -- Quick, come over and look. What is that? -- Look, what's that, eh? What is it? -- It looks so peaceful... -- Oh, a squirrel. -- Come... -- Xiao Zhen, your mum is calling you. Your mum. -- Your mum is calling you. -- Over here... -- Hey, watch out and don't trip over! 'Technicians from a gas company are using a special gas detector to exam the gas pipe-line.' 'In the end, they focused on the emergency bag outside of a store...' -Eh...why is he (filming)...Er? 'It seems like that the source of the gas leak is still unknown.' 'A reporter phoned the local business people later today, and understood that the smell of gas has gone.' 'The local business people were finally relieved." 'The launch of Shenzhou 7 has excited the whole nation.' 'People in Chengdu are hoping to share the joy closely that was brought to us by the launch of Shenzhou 7 (spacecraft).' 'Our reporter has made a trip to Jiuquan. We have brought you some updates in yesterday's program." 'In a city where is well-known for its aerospace industry,' 'our reporter will bring you all the actions and excited moments of the launch of Shenzhou 7 from all views.' 'Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre is located 285 kilometers from Jiuquan city centre.' 'All Shenzhou spacecrafts are launched from here.' 'In October 2003, China's first astronaut Yang Liwei" "was launched into space aboard Shenzhou 5 (spececraft) from here.' 'A taxi driver told our reporter that' 'no car could enter the area from 100 kilometers away, as all the roads were closed.' 'Later on, our reporter transferred into a local private car.' 'When the car was driven about 30 kilometers outside of Jiuquan city, the scenery was starting to change.' 'It was becoming more and more desolate...' -- Where has Tao Tao gone? -- He left by himself... -- So annoying... "Just while I was speaking to the driver, a stream appeared in front of us and drew my attention.' 'There is a bridge over the stream. It looks like a single-log...' 'At 10pm last night, in a cool and breezy Autumn evening,' 'A group of people were leisurely drinking tea in a tea house.' 'All of a sudden, a minibus crashed into the tea house.' 'Our reporter at the scene saw that the minibus' 'was not only driven up to the pavement, but also climbed up of three steps,' 'and it hit a three-wheeled pedicab and crashed it against the doorpost of the tea house.' -- Oh, my goodness! 'There were tens of customers in the tea house, who were utterly shocked by this accident.' 'Please note that the driver of that pedicab was drinking tea there' 'but (he) was not on the pedicab. The hit on the pedicab' 'slowed down the speed of the minibus, which gained some time for the tea drinkers to run.' 'Later on, our reporter went looking for the two people in the minibus,' 'but their whereabouts were not found.' 'Nobody knew that why these two people ran away from the scene so quickly.' 'For the cause of the accident, people could only speculate about it.' 'The Traffic Police is currently investigating this accident.'

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: China
Language: Yi, Sichuan
Producer: Ya-Hsuan Huang, Yi Han
Director: Ya-Hsuan Huang
Views: 87
Posted by: glm_yh on Jan 5, 2010


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