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MyKabbalah Lesson 4 mission 2 Engsmall

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Reframing Pain Hi. Welcome back. We're learning how to embrace processes. According to Kabbalah, even though we may not always feel it, the Light is always here with us. Just as we learned in our previous Mission, that the fruit goes through stages in its ripening process, so does our growth, and our connection to the Light. They go through stages of revealment. Just as a baby goes through teething, a painful process, so necessary for him to build the systems inside. Just as we ask sometimes when we're facing painful rejections whether in our relationship or in work, that end up building some inner strength, some inner muscles, teaching us how to be less needy. Teaching us how to be more independent or more certain, more open. Every process has it's purpose. In our growth process, every process is necessary for us to elevate our consciousness. And every process eventually leads to fulfillment Now, the opponent may try to trick us into running away from that moment, into busying ourselves with other things, avoiding it because we see it as dark, as painful, as if the Light is not there. We're alone and we don't have any support. The key is to be present with the Light. The key is to know that even though I may not feel it, the Light is healing me through that process. Now, think of an example in your past where you went through such a painful process that you wanted to delete it from your life. You wish it wasn't there. And think back, look at the gifts it gave you. Look at the growth, the lessons it taught you. It's so important to journal it, to have at least one example that you write down. That you look at the past and you acknowledge it, and say, "Yes, it was painful. Yes, I wanted to run away in that moment." "But it gave me growth. It gave me inner strength." "It gave me more certainty." "It allowed me to be who I am today." Write it down and share it with the community. In the next Mission, we're going to learn how to begin revealing the sweetness of the process now. See you soon.

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