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Introduction to the Kit on Participatory Spatial Information Management and Communication

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I think what we're seeing at the moment is that the donor agencies are ... ...allocating resources to natural resource management mapping, ... ... natural resource pattern mapping, access mapping, ... ... particularly community forestry issues, water management. We are seeing the application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) happening widely in Africa in rural areas. This kit is about participatory methods, ... ... so how to put the community at the centre of that process. There is a risk that the mapping that is going on in Africa now ... ... can actually make the situation of indigenous peoples worse. It can alienate land. It can misrepresent stories. It can change boundaries. So the power of Participatory GIS "PGIS" is that communities express their own history, ... ... their own knowledge, their own spaces, in their own idiom, ... ... which is ecosystem specific, and that that can be a way ... ... that indigenous people can engage more with policy. This kit is like a checklist, a refresher, and a training manual on what is good practice, ... ... how to put communities at the center of mapping processes, ... ... whether it's a very simple map or very complex. I think it's the challenge of how to bring many voices to the table, ... ... and this type of kit allows very different voices that are not normally heard ... ... to come into policy and other types of processes. The mapping allows the confirmation that indigenous peoples ... ... are stakeholders in these processes and that they have a story to tell, ... ... that they are knowledge holders, that they are experts in some cases, ... ... and that they should be part of this process. In a way, the map cuts through a lot of other resistance. Good mapping processes allow oral culture to be ... ... on the same platform as written cultures and bureaucratic culture. Educational video produced in the framework of the project: "Support the spread of good practice in generating, ... ... managing, analysing and communicating spatial information"

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Duration: 2 minutes and 16 seconds
Year: 2010
Country: South Africa
Language: English
Producer: CTA
Director: Giacomo Rambaldi
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Posted by: giacomo on Feb 25, 2010

Dr. Nigel Crawhall, Director of Secretariat at the Indigenous Peoples of Africa Coordinating Committee (IPACC), a pan-African network, introduces the Training Kit on Participatory Spatial Information Management and Communication and its value in terms of promoting good practice and adding authority yo local knowledge. To know more about the Training Kit visit

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