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Anna final

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My Bitter Experience In all the time I have worked as a nurse I have never counted the number of patients who recovered The ones I remember are those whom I can’t help One day at 9 o’clock, a family came with a woman patient who had trouble breathing I said to myself, “This is not too serious,” And the doctor and I went through the normal procedure I gave her oxygen and took her blood pressure For some reason, the patient’s condition got worse and she kept on sweating We realised we could not continue treatment in the Puskesmas (Health clinic) because we only have limited equipment We had to refer the patient to the main hospital I asked the staff to organise the ambulance But nobody could find the driver I tried to call him but his cell phone was not active I tried to calm the patient while waiting for the driver I continued dialling his number but still no response Meanwhile the patient’s condition was getting worse At the same time I knew that I had done everything I could But still I could not ease the patient’s breathing I then realized that there was only me and the patient The doctor and the family were nowhere to be seen I dialled the driver’s number one more time, and the phone was still off I held the patient close to calm her Her shoulder moved up and down while she tried to inhale as much air as possible Her eyes were full of fear and her face was very pale She took her last breath and she died in front of me That was the longest minute in my life I was very sad, angry, upset and full of remorse I wanted to scream, “Why did this have to happen????? Why did she have to die? If only she arrived earlier at the hospital, her life could have been saved…” I felt anger burning inside me and at that moment I felt like burning down the Puskesmas The next day, I went to see the Head of Puskesmas to tell him about the incident He was very responsive and suggested a new “ambulance and the driver standby” policy Many times at night, I still have trouble sleeping, remembering the last moment with the patient who died in my arms I desperately hope that no more patients would die because the needed help comes too late To me, it was a very bitter lesson learned

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Posted by: abisaputra on Oct 26, 2015

Anna final

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