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[MUSIC PLAYING] The puppies have already learned the concept of asking for things by sitting. And as they get older, we can start applying this concept to real world situations. When you approach the weaning pen, ignore the puppies that are jumping up. And give attention to or feed the puppies that are sitting. Feed the ones that are sitting in the back. Ask everyone who visits the puppies to participate. You'll find that your guests enjoy helping out with the puppy training. At first, you might have to accept the puppy just getting all four feet on the floor. I mean, sitting is like extra bonus. But I will take anything that's [INAUDIBLE].. These puppies are all here. Now, when one of them gets back down-- there! Good boy, Rocko! You wanna catch that. That's it. Good. But eventually, they all learn to sit. Patience is key. The puppy has to figure out what the behavior is without you telling him. You don't want to have to ask him to sit down. You want him to automatically sit when he wants something. She just waits now. She just waits. Exactly. Once the puppies are sitting automatically when people approach, it's time to raise the bar. Wanna meet your babies? How are your babies doing? [PUPPIES BARK] Obviously, this is way too much for the puppies. They're not capable of learning anything when they're in this state of arousal. So the first step is to lower the excitement level to a point where the puppies can learn. Motion is a big trigger for excitement. So we'll eliminate movement, and start with Daphne very still near the pen. Once the puppies seem to be able to handle that, we add motion. Because motion is a big trigger for excitement, we move about four feet away and gradually work our way closer to the pen. After just a few minutes of training, Daphne's able to walk right up to the pen, and the puppies remain calm and offer to sit. Get in the habit of waiting for puppies to sit before giving them attention or treats. It takes so little effort, and yields a valuable lesson that really sticks with them as they grow up. Oh, that's very good! That's very good! You remembered that. He remembers that. He remembers doing that one. He does. He does.

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