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A pencil? I don't know. Granddad, where is a pencil? - I don't have any pencils... I don't know where is your pencil, where did you pit it? Here is a pencil for you and leave me alone... Go and write a letter to your dad. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. My mom had a friend and they were together in that camp. She was a nurse and was a doctor all her life. When they were released my mom would go often to visit auntie Anya Strelnikova. And we me and her daughter Albina, you will see her tomorrow, we were friends and even now we call each other and talk a lot, and auntie Anya for her I am like her own daughter. She treated me as if I was her own even though my mom is no longer with us. My mom used to visit them and used to stay at their place because they were together all those hard times. It means a lot. .. .. Auntie Zoya who was a nurse she was sent, well, she was a doctor and once she couldn't save the life of one general and she was accused of murdering him deliberately and that was it. Som she was sent to Malinovka and they were together. They became friends. Olya is there. They became friends. And when they were released they stayed friends. They always visited each other and supported each other. Their friendship was forever. ... I am making moonshine... ... Don't listen to him. ... ... ... .. ... ... ... ... ... I am making borsch. And I am making sweet water... Instead of moonshine. Fatmouth! ... ... ... ... My mom used to like cooking. She was such a good cook. I must inhereted it. My greatgrandmother was a cook, I am a cook too. I cook for children. My mom liked cooking very much. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Will you finish cooking this borsch today? ... ... ... ... ... Well, yes. Auntie Anya Strelnikova I don't know why she was imprisoned, because I never asked why she was sent. But I know that auntie Zoya was sent because she didn't save while performing an operation, so she was sent here. ... ... ...

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Posted by: siberia2016 on Feb 15, 2016


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