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Dell Technologies CSGxLIFT Lab_full length

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I’ve always loved flying. It’s the moment you can feel the wheels leave the ground and you’re no longer on the actual earth.  I just never thought I’d be the pilot.  [Ed Badgen - Associate Director of Flight Operations & Safty, LIFT Academy] So there's an industry-wide global pilot shortage. Airline pilots are required to retire at age 65 by law. Over the next ten years, over 600,00 pilots are required, so we partnered with Dell to build the LIFT Lab.  So I was a flight attendant, and as soon as I was up in the air, I knew I wanted to be in the front seat. And I wanted to be flying the airplane. [Abi Anderson - Student, LIFT Academy] One of my friends told me about the LIFT Lab, and it kickstarted all of it for me.  It is a vehicle that has four Dell Precision Towers inside of it. It's running a custom virtual reality flight simulator. The Dell displays in the LIFT Lab allow friends, family to actually see through the pilot's eyes what they're experiencing. We take it to STEM fairs; we take it to high schools. Actually, with Dell, we've helped take it around the world. I walked out of the LIFT Lab and it felt like I knew what I wanted to do, and I went home that night and signed up for an interview.  The LIFT lab is really about getting out into diverse communities and helping them understand that they have the potential to make a career out of aviation as a pilot. Through our partnership with Dell, we're actually able to bring meaningful training to pilots through the use of Dell Precision Workstations and virtual reality. [Powered by Dell and Intel® solution.] [DELL Technologies] [Work at full speed.][CLICK TO LEARN MORE.]

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Dell Technologies CSGxLIFT Lab_full length

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