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TK419 - Smart Vehicle GPS Tracking Devices

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If your business manages a fleet of vehicles, you know that establishing full visibility over them is key for your success. Being unaware of the whereabouts, condition and speed limits of your vehicle will make your supply chain quite inefficient. That's why we created TK419. The smart vehicle tracking device that makes managing a fleet of vehicles and vessels easier than ever before. Here is how it works! 1) TK419's i-button for id confirmation will only let specific driver take off with the chosen vehicle. The engine will not start if the driver hasn't authorized himself. This way you can get a peace of mind knowing your shipments are in secure hands at all times. 2) Our optional global frequency gives you a 360 degree real-time view of your vehicle's location in both iOS and Andriod devices. 3) The auto Geofencing feature gives you the ability to know where the car leads to the predefined areas without i-button authorization. 4) TK419 tracks and locks your vehicle trip history and mileage data on a web server, so you can access it at anytime. 5) By keeping track of your vehicle's location, mileage, driving behaviour, you get a link to create fleet efficieny and improve its maintenance. 6) TK419 comes with a vehicle turning and moving alarms so you be immediately informed if your vehicle's location changes unexpectedly. 7) Our speed alerts will notify you if your vessel gets beyond on your set speed limit. 8) You also get fence crossing alerts when a vehicle crosses your custom fenced zone. 9) Our low battery alarm will keep you updated on all vehicles with low batteries. 10) The remote ignition and fuel cutoff will allow you get full control of each vehicle's ability to start up or keep moving. 11) Our protocol is open and compatible with other third party platforms so you can easily integrate with your existing solutions. 12) If your vehicle enters a location with no signal the GPS data will be logged to the 4B memory inside the tracker and synched when the device is connected once again. Best of all TK149 comes with a Qualcomm 4G LTE chip and a U-blox 7 GPS chipset to make your experience seamless. Sounds interesting? Then contact us today at


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Posted by: eelinktech on Aug 30, 2019

Are you a business owner looking for an opportunity to establish full visibility over your fleet of vehicles? TK419, one of the smartest vehicle GPS tracking devices allows you to know about the whereabouts, condition, and speed limits of your vehicle and makes your supply chain efficient. Visit for more information.

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