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Stop Stress

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Hello, and welcome to Stop Stress My name's Limin. Today programme is about how to deal with the stress. Do you know how to fight against the stress? If you don't, don't worry about it because in our programme we're going to show different ways to stop stress. We have three guests: Merche, Carmen and Lia. Welcome to the show. - "Hello" - Hello, Carmen. - Hello When you have a lot of pressure, what do you do to calm down? Well, actually I like running Putting my trainers on and going out to the open air. After that I feel tired, but when I finish my run, I feel relaxed and unstresses. But recently I have a new funny activity, it's very funny and interesting. It's acting as a mime. Do you what is it mean? Not really, could you tell us a bit more about it? Yes. Look! These are things that I need: a black eyeliner, a white pencil, it's special for making-up, some braces, these ones are red. Can you help me, please? Of course. Ok. And this one are my favourite, it's a beret, it's from Scotland. Nice! Do you need a mirror? Yes, please. Thank you. You're welcome. And these are my white gloves. I put them on later. And now I'm going to make up. Ok? Nice! Please, a mirror. One moment. First of all I have to make up my face with this white pencil. Nice! Do you like it? Yes, a lot. Oh, my gloves. They are tiny. I could see. And, here I am! I'm I a mime. What about a mime-clown? I'm a mime, I cant' speak! It's very interesting. Thank you, bye bye. Hello, Merche. Hello. How do you deal with your stress? Well... when I feel stressed, I go for a walk or I do aerobics. And that really makes me feel better. But last year my daughter started riding horse once a week. She loves horses and in general all animals. So when I go with her to the riding club, I always sit watching her until class is finished. My daughter says she feels very well on the horse. So I thought, why not to try riding horse? It would be a new expenrience. - Yes. So I tried and I liked it so much. In the first class, I wasn't relaxed at all. I had the impression to be out of control. But now I find this sport relaxing and it makes me reduce stress. And the best thing, you make a good friend: the horse, of course. So, how often do you ride horse? Usually once a week, at weekends. Now after the programme I'm going to ride horse. As you can see, I wear the appropriate clothing: a safety helmet (very important in case of fall), Now, I'm going to put it on. Nice! Well, also the leggins. - Yes, of course. And very important, the boots. The beginners are recommended to use a safety vest but this is not compulsory. So I'm ready to ride horse! Ok, thank you. A interesting activity. Thank you. Hello, Lia. - Hello, Limin. Could you tell us what do you think about stress and how do you reduce it? Yes, of course. Well, nowadays we live in such an stressful society that it has become a main priority to adquire abilities to fight against stress. For example, I'm always on the go, I have an awful lot to do precious little time to do it. Therefore I need to get relaxed sometimes. Otherwise I could drop dread. But the question is how do people fight against stress? Or how can we get relaxed? I think there're many different ways to deal with it. I would indeed dare to say that there're so many as different personalities exists. Of course. People normally get relaxed during free time. But I think it's important not to be a couch potato because we should find a rewarding activity something that make you feel good. And in my case, practicing sports, especially swimming feeds me from overstrain. The more I swim, the best I feel. I'm really hooked on it! But as I told before there're different ways to set relaxed. For example, my best friend says that the most therapeutic activity in order to set relaxed is practicing sex. What do you think about it? Ok. Thank you, Lia. Thank you. Bye. Now, we have arrived to the end of the show. Thank you very much, Merche. - Hello. Thank you, Lia. - You're welcome. And of course, Carmen: the mime. Thank you. Have you enjoy it? And are you ready to Stop Stress? Bye bye.

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How do people fight against stress?

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