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Entrevista Adanowsky

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I ended up in music, because of my competitive spirit. My brother asked me... "Can you play this in the piano?," and I said: "no, i can't,"... and I got angry. Then i started ... listening at records, and reproducing some songs... of Jerry Lee Lewis. One day, I came before my brother and said: "Can you play this?," and he said: "No." Ha! I was so happy, I won something, it was like... I won the battle. When I was a teenager, I was a fan of ... Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and many more. Like every teenager i dreamt of being an idol. The idol was born in Mexico, actually. I went with a witch doctor, who did a powerful healing on me. I felt my lungs opening, and I breathed like "Ahh." At that moment, an idea came: "Ok, I have to change my artistic name. I have to do something, and I'm going to be Adanowsky. I'm going to create a character. Create an idol." For many years it was very difficult to gain audience, ... record labels, and everything. And I said: "Everything is going to change now," and it was like a liberation. I remember that when I first came here, I gave away my records, ... I gave them away. I wanted to conquer Mexico. This record is the moods ... of a suffering idol. It starts with the song "Estoy mal." The idol... suffers, he feels bad, and doesn't know why. His love songs come after that. Then, suddenly, he wants to sleep with his mother, he wants to live an incest. And well, then there is, he wants to be an idol, he wants to shine more, etc. He hates the celebrity. And at the end of the record... he dies, and he feels more alive than when he was alive. To be reborn in another record. Then, at a certain time... I said: "Well, this has to be over. I have to die. I have to kill this character. I have to keep on moving to another kind of creation." I will always be Adanowsky, but it's not going to be "The idol." Adanowskky will be... mmm... Adanowsky. I cannot tell you what it is, but I have it well thought out.

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Duration: 2 minutes
Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish (Spain)
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Posted by: ivanchong on Oct 24, 2011

El idolo

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