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Percy Jackson - Sea of Monsters

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(Percy, narrating) I learned that the gods of Olympus are real, and sometimes they have children with humans, called "half-bloods". We're pretty much like anyone else you'd meet. But with a few notable differences. We live in the only place that is safe for our kind. Until now. What is that? (old voice) Go inside, to the oracle. (voice) Have a seat. Kronos, a force so evil, 3 of his sons, Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, destroyed him. He's fated to rise again to exact his vengeance on Olympus and the world. (male voice) The only thing that has the power to save our home is the golden fleece. It's in the Sea of Monsters, what the humans call the Bermuda triangle. Our quest calls for only our finest hero. The best of us. The daughter of the god of war, Clarisse. (Clarisse) Don't worry about always coming in second, Jackson. (Percy) You know, everything they say about you is wrong, Clarisse. You actually do have a sense of humor. [knocking] This is a bad idea. (Percy) You don't even know what I was going to say? You were going to say that you're going after the fleece. (Annabeth) Actually, he was going to say we were. ♪ [pulsing music] [whistle] [revving] (Annabeth) It's the Chariot of Damnation. (Percy) Looks like a New York City cab. Same difference. (voices) The exact date please. [revving] Aaaah! (Tyson) That was - awesome! (Luke) We will resurrect Kronos. and the Olympians will know death. Percy! (Annabeth) We really need your help, and we don't have a lot of time. You twist the cap off this, you will release the winds from the four corners of the earth. No! Not in here. Not in here. We'll find the fleece. (Annabeth) So time to go. Tell me those aren't sharks. Those aren't sharks. [load moaning] [load slow growl] [Captions by]

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