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Cancer Drugs Make Tumors More Aggressive | La Chimiothérapie Cause Des Tumeurs Plus Agressives

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We’re back at Info Wars nightly news. I'm your sit-in host Rob. It's Friday January 20th. And I have sitting next to me, The health ranger Mike Adams. He's going to come in and talk about a few things. How’s it going Mike? Pretty good Rob! Thanks for sitting in. It’s good to joinning here. You did the radio show earlier today, how was that? Yeah, as always, super high energy, tons of news. Could not cover it all. Yeah, I am sure one story that we covered last night. Was this breaking news "Cancer Drugs Makes Tumors More Aggressive And Deadly" Yeah, well, this is this major research that shows the failure of chemotherapy drugs, you know! Doctors always talk about shrinking tumors. And they say well this chemotherapy drug will shrink the tumor by 25% or 30%, and that’s true. And that's the way they measure the success of the drug. But what they don't tell you, is that due to this mechanism, it’s now been discovered and published in the science journals, medical journal, that there is a 300% increase in secondary tumors, especially in the lungs, because the original chemotherapy weakens the immune system response to future cancer tumor attempts. So in other words, yeah that tumor, the first tumor you had, decreases in size, but now you have a 300% increase in secondary tumors. And that's why Rob, the number one side effect of chemotherapy is cancer. Wow! And what are they making chemotherapy out of? They are actually derived from drugs that were used, like mustard gas type of biochemical or arms or chemical weapons, used in World War One. And this comes out of Nazi Germany. This comes out of IG Farben. And, you know, the whole holocaust era of chemicals, and crimes against humanity. That is the grandfather, so to speak, of modern chemotherapy drugs, which are so toxic that they damage the liver, they damage the kidneys and they cause of side effect called chemo brain. Where your brain, you’re actually dumb down. It’s a dementia like effect, just from chemotherapy. And I've read a lot about it's usually not the cancer that kills you, they never say it’s the cancer that kills you it's always the chemo. He died but they cured the cancer. As a result. Yeah and people who survived chemotherapy they call themselves cancer survivors. They actually probably should call themselves chemotherapy survivors. Yeah! So I wonder how this news is going to affect these peoples, you know, Susan G common foundation, and other cancer groups who are out there fighting. You think they're going to take this researcher and run with it? Or you think they're still going to be run off with it? Well, let's be clear Rob, the cancer industry today is based on a system of lies and disinformation. So they're not going to take this scientific study, that counters their lies. They are not going to embrace that and start teaching people, well maybe you should use something else. They are going to continue the lies. But more importantly, this study, which is published in Cancer Cell, That’s a medical journal, talked about anti-angiogenesis drugs Right! Angiogenesis is the process by which cancer tumors build a blood supply to themselves. So that they can steal blood, and steal minerals and vitamins. And start growing as a larger tumor. That's how cancer works. But they don't tell you, and Coleman doesn't tell you, that broccoli juice is anti-angiogenesis. That juicing celery, or eating the white stringy substance inside of orange peels, or grapefruit peels, not the peal but the white part inside. Those are all anti-angiogenesis drugs, so-to-speak. And they don't give you cancer. Yeah! Exactly! And how does this, you know, we're seeing you guys earlier in the year, you and Rob, well I guess last year, you and Rob Jacobson went to Houston to talk with Dr. Burzynski. It looks like we're kind of turning the corner here on major breakthroughs in the next couple years, that are actually in a lead to real cancer cures, or at least cancer treatments that are not going to kill you. I hope so! I mean, I think Rob that those already exist. The cures are here. Right! You can drive down the desert in Arizona where I used to live. And I would drive by 7 or 8 cancer cures, as I was just off the parking lot of the cancer clinic. Yeah! People would drive-by cures and then go and get poisoned with chemotherapy. Right! Right! Now, Dr Burzynski you mentioned is using gene targeted micro doses of different chemotherapy drugs but in a smarter way that is less toxic. So he's not totally holistic, but he's a lot more intelligent about making sure that the drugs you do get, are going to work with your genetic profile. Right! And that's a personalization of allopathic medicine which has merit. But the next step is to avoid the poisons altogether, and turn of foods, herbs, natural medicines, that support your body's ability to fight off cancer rather than compromising it. We are going to have a guest next week, Russell Means. He's fighting cancer right now, throat cancer, and I think esophagus cancer. And he's actually, when he came on, about a few months ago, he did an interview with Erin. And, it was about a year from the time that we did an interview with him. And he sounded a 100% better than when we saw him. And, you know, he'd just been doing these other, he was staying away from the chemo, standing away from the other stuff. And trying these other natural cures with some science, some stuff that is going on in Arizona and so, it's going to be interesting. To see what happens with his case and what happens with this research. Well, okay, the last thing I want to bring up with you, and I have talked to you about this last night, was the box that people were put into, especially doctors. There's a world here, I will draw a little diagram. And the doctors are, let’s see, they are brought into this... Here's the red cross. So they have this box that they are put in. Yeah! And there's this whole other world, that they're never told about, or educated about, or just slated to go into those areas... This box is here. And it's got drugs, and aspirin, and little pills for you to take. And, you know, what are your feelings on this box that they are put in? Well it’s pretty cool that you drew this, because it is actually very educational. You see, medical school is a process by which those doctors who step outside the box are filtered out the system, or wouldn’t be doctors. So you cannot get through medical school, unless you are a go along, get along, do what you're told robotic high IQ individual. See, this is the thing. Doctors are usually very high IQ. Just cerebrally high IQ people. But they don't have a sense of self navigation. They are people who follow orders. And if you don't follow orders, you are kicked out very quickly. So by the end of it, you go through four years of medical school, and four years of residency. And then you are inundated with basically hypnotic inductions by the pharmaceutical companies. Right! Every doctors walking around with mugs, and pens, and paper pads, all on blazing with along with his lunches, oh yeah, it’s incredible. They really treat them nice. When I was going on for some physical therapy, and every day they were talking about I wonder what so-and-so's is going to bring us as a drug company, as a drug company, yeah! I've talked to nurses who say the drug companies would bring in a dozen donuts. And it would be like a diabetes drug company. Of course! You're getting more diabetes! You’re getting more patients for them I guess. Yeah, when we were going through the vaccine issue of both my kids I had these talks with both of the doctors and I would bring in stacks of articles and studies. And they would say, Well you have done your research; you've done your research. I’m like yeah I have! That drives them nuts too, because doctors are also used to being right. Right! They are used to being told from the time they were little kids in elementary school they were always the ones who knew all the answers. So they're used to being told, oh you must be right because you're smarter than everyone else. What freaks doctors out also are smart guys like you and me, because I was always at the top of my class academically as well, but I can get outside the box. Right! And then, we can challenge their programming with intelligence that is based on more of an open minded understanding of reality. Observation and common-sense. Oh absolutely! That's a lot of what it is. And, you know, you have this box here, the educational system that's a box, they've been doing since the 1900s. They put us in this box and pretend that this is the only way the world has worked since the beginning of time and it’s death and taxes. And listen to your doctor. Listen to the authority figures. Here is the teacher, they know what's best, don't question it. And so, essentially we've been put in a series of boxes, our whole society is different boxes, big boxes put into bigger boxes. Yeah! It’s so true! Layers of boxes! And most people who say "think outside the box" are still living inside the box. Yeah! Even us to some extent. We could still get more outside the box, and working on it. But at least, where we are right now, we can see how many other people trapped in a prison that they cannot even detect. Right! Yeah! Totally! Alex interviewed Richard Stallman yesterday. Dr Stallman who doesn't use any type of computer, any type of program that you have to do these agreements with. You know, like I agree. It’s all free software. So he can manipulate it, do what he wants with it. I don't know how he does it. But he apparently, you know, he was able to do it. And, he travels around. And that's his mantra is free software. If it ain’t free, I don’t use it. On our website, Natural News, we actually had a terms of agreement for a long time that said by using this website you agree to fly with monkeys and pay me a million dollars. And everybody agreed to that! Nobody reads this! Just give me the software please! One guy actually complained. In like 8 years, one guy read it, and he sent us a complaint, so we remove the flying monkeys. Oh wow! That’s amazing! One out of how many? I don’t know, a few millions, yeah! Well, Mike, thanks for coming in and talking with us. It was very enlightening and I enjoyed you on the radio today. And, that's our show for today. I appreciated you for joining us. It's Friday January 20th. And this is the Info Wars Nightly News.

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Cancer Drugs Make Tumors More Aggressive | La Chimiothérapie Cause Des Tumeurs Plus Agressives |

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