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hidup yang baru dunia yang beda oleh pa ratim

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New Life, Different World In High School I wanted to become a doctor, but that dream remained a dream In college I was always taking part in motorcycle races. Aside from peer influence, this was also to demonstrate my disappointment with my dream I was aware that my mother and father could not afford medical school When I was working on my thesis, I visited lot of schools to apply but they all full. But I didn't give up The next day I visited a Junior High School headmaster near home to ask if I could teach there The Principal said that there was a need for an English language teacher for Grade 1 The night before I started, I could not sleep well, worrying how I would teach Next morning I got ready to teach; a different hairstyle, a semi-formal outfit and new shoes. I went to the class Children shouted out my name, some were smiling and some were shy I kept walking even though I could not believe in what I was doing I made introductions with the children This was the first time the children had ever learned English So I had to explain over and over that reading and writing in English is completely different from Bahasa Indonesia It sometimes gives me a headache because of the shortage of text books I had to make two kids read one book Being 1st Graders, they are still very childish. So some children dont concentrate. They poke each other and play around I am aware that it is a village school, different from city schools And I need to be patient, dealing with the children and the lack of school facilities If at the end of the semester they can count one to ten in english Or are able to memorize English words, then I am very happy Teaching gives me inner satisfaction Although I've never aspired to be a teacher, but now if I miss a class, I feel guilty This is my new life

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Posted by: abisaputra on Jun 24, 2016

hidup yang baru dunia yang beda oleh pa ratim

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