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clip3 shotwell

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At 840 Shotwell when the new owner raised the rent to $65 a month the tenants tried to negotiate for improvements only to find that he was already selling the building expecting yet another rent increase from the next landlord they tried to secure a lease unless we move out, right? but if we stay here, our agreement is or have a rent raise to what the cost of living is and it's so high in San Francisco that is ridiculous she is gonna wanna be able to raise the rent after so many months or a year i was born and raised in San Francisco and i want part of the city because it's my home if you see here the people's law school there's a 12 block area there's 18 buildings that have been sold more than once in one year here we are yes, that's us 840 shotwell residents tried to negotiate with the owner. They were offered a six-month lease. i've lived at 840 Shotwell since july 2008 and when i first started living here was i think altogether was $1600 or $1650 and and it is now raised to $2100 for this small space, it's a lot of money For three young adults that like to walk everywhere and that's the reason why I still live in this small apartment in addition to my lovely roommates because of the location that is closed to BART, restaurants, the supermarket it's close to my work, i work at UCSF and i've kept a moderate update on how much rent is for a single bedroom in an already established home and it's much cheaper than if you want to move, say with my two roommates, into a newly established home the landlords can charge whatever they want and they know they will fill it because San Francisco is such a beautiful city and there is a lot of demand to live here. Next clip: Shotwell residents moving out in 1978 and we visit ex-shotwell tenant Julie Camerlo in Daly City

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clip3 shotwell

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