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Gangaji's Essential Invitation

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When I am asked what I teach by someone who doesn’t know me or know my teaching, doesn't know the words that are used in this particular sub-culture, the most direct answer I can give is that I simply teach that happiness is alive inside you, peace is alive inside you. And however you may be looking for that in outside events, if you are willing to stop that looking and turn your attention inside in the deepest way, deeper than your emotions or your thoughts or your feelings or any idea you have of yourself, you discover that the substance of yourself is happiness, and peace, and fulfillment. And really, in a very true way, that is what I am saying even when we use words like satsang and god and Self and consciousness. It is simply that peace is here. You are the source of peace. Your definitions of yourself may be the obstruction to your experience of the truth of yourself, but if you are willing to go, with your attention, deeper than any definition of yourself or of other, you will discover limitless peace, boundless peace, that overflows in fulfillment, overflows in love. My teacher said one twelfth of a second, retreat from everything. Be still. Stop defining yourself and the world. Stop imagining the world and yourself. Be still. Be quiet. And instantly... In that there is no world. There is no yourself as opposed to the world or as a part of the world, there is just peace, fulfillment. Then experiences of world, or experiences of yourself or of other appear in that, disappear in that. Experiences of anger or fear or sadness appear in that and disappear in that. The ground of your being is peace.

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Posted by: gangaji on Aug 13, 2012

Gangaji's essential message: Happiness is alive inside you. Peace is alive inside you. Simply stop looking and turn your attention inside, in the deepest way, and you can discover that the substance of yourself is happiness, peace and fulfillment.

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