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Leading Accounting Firm in FL | Kmetz Nuttall Elwell Graham, PLLC

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I am Patrick Graham. And I am a partner with the firm. I've been here about 25 years. Besides, I am bread and butter of taxes. I also specialize in a non-profit ordening in accounting. And I go to a non-profit ordening in accounting about 25 years ago with the help of a partner. Help me understand of what I supposed to do while I was doing it. And from that moment forward, I just loved non-profit ordening accounting. And that love, of such odd thing as auditing allows me to know everything there is to know about the field. And I can relate that information to you to help you with your auditing means. That passion that drives me allows me to handle level of expertise that I can deliver to you in your organization. As a partner of the firm, I am involved in everything in audit that we do in the field everyday with my staff and my Audit Manager. I am involved in the planning, field work, and final reviewing of the audit. And that allows for me the greatest level of knowledge applied to your audit engagement. Our staff are knowledgeable and expert in their field. They've been with us for an average about 15 years. And they are also very personable so they can communicate with you in a manner that you understand. Well, I do mostly as I am overseeing work staff do the work and I oversee the work. Like a man, I am making sure they are doing what they suppose to do and where they suppose to be. I review the work they've done. I communicate with clients about the status of the jobs so that is what I do. Besides the obvious of my wife, my grown children, and my grand children We also have 4 dane Grahams which are the loves of our life. And we also like old cars and we have 3 corvettes are in the very stage of restoration. And my wife is the driver on this. She likes the car. She likes the horsepower. I am on the board of Youth Guidance Donation Fund. I am a treasurer maybe around 8 years. I am also a founding member of the Board of. when in the passed 3 years I donated $200,000 to the local community. I participate in Right-of-Way impact panel where we review local organizations inside of how much you can get from the Right-of-Way. I also try and help mentor small and non-profits. I will do tax cash returns for them or I will do work on budgets. I help them hopefully so it will be the best it can be or it will go into bigger.

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Posted by: knegcpacom on Mar 27, 2017

Patrick, an expert in public accounting is one of the partners of the leading accounting firm - KNEG. With 18 years of experience he involves in numerous audit engagements with a concentration in governmental and not-for-profit organizations. In addition to working closely with his clients, he is responsible for continuing professional education coordination for all staff. Visit for more details.

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