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The Road to World War 3

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why did the united states attack Libya, Irak Afghanistan, Yemen, why the us operatives helping to destabilize Syria and why the us state governments so intent on taking down Iran in spite of the fact that Iran has not attacked any country since 1798 and what's next? what are we heading for? when you look at the current trajectory that we're on it doesn't make any sense at all if you evaluate it based on what we're taught in shool and it doesn't make any sense if you base your world view on the propaganda that the mainstream media try to pass off as news but it makes perfect sense once you know the real motives that the power that be In order to understand those motives, we first, have to take a look at history in 1945, the britain with agreement, established the dollar as the world reserve currency. which meant the international commidities were priced in dollars. The Bretton Woods Agreement which gave the US the distinct financial advantage was made under the condition that those dollars will then remain redeemable for gold at a consistent rate of 35 dollars per allowance US promessed not to print very much money but this is only an honor system because the federal reserved refused to allow any audits or supervision of it's printing presses in the years leading up to 1970, expenditures in the vietnam war made it clear to many countries that the us was printing far more money than they had in gold and in response they began to ask for their gold back this off course set off a rapid decline in the value of the dollar the situation climax in 1971 when France attempted to withdraw its gold and Nixon refused. On august 15th he made the following announcement I have directed the secretary of the treasury to take the action necessary to defend the dollar against the speculators I have directed secretary Connally to suspend temporarily the convertibility of the dollar into gold or other reserve assets except in amounts and conditions determined to be in the interest of monetary stability and in the best interests of the US this is obviously not a temporary suspension as he claimed but rather a permanent default And for the rest of the world who would entrust the united states with their gold, it was outright theft. in 1973 president Nixon asked king Faisal of Saudi Arabia to accept only US dollars as payment for oil and to invest any excess profits in US treasury bonds, notes and bills in return Nixon offered military protection for saudi oil fields The same offer was extended to each of the world’s key oil producing countries and by 1975 every member of OPEC had agreed to only sell their oil in U.S. dollars The act of moving the dollar of off gold and tying it to foreign oil, instantly forced every oil importing country in the world to start maintaining a constant supply of federal reserve paper and in order to get that paper it will have to send real physical goods to America This was the birth of the PetroDollar Paper went out, everything America needed came in and the United States got very-very rich as a result it was the largest financial ... in recorded history With the PetroDollar ... it was able to raise the stakes higher and higher out-spinning every other country in the planet Soviet Union never had a chance the collapse of the Communist Block in 1991 removed the last counter balance to American military ... With in that same year the US invaded Iraq in the First Gulf War and after crushing the Iraqi military and destroying their infrastructure including water purification plants and hospitals We have heard that a half a million children have died I mean that's more children than died in Hiroshima and, you know 'is the price worth it?' I think this is a very hard choice but the price we think is worth it What exactly was it that was worth killing 500.000 kids for? In November, 2000 Iraq begin selling its oil exclusively in Euros this was a direct attack on the dollar and on US financial dominance in response the US government with the assistance of the mainstream media begin to build up a massive propaganda campaign claiming that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and was planning to use them In 2003 the US invaded and once they had controlled the county, oil sales were immediately switched back to dollars this is particularly notable to the fact that switching back to the dollar meant a 15-20% loss in revenue to the Euros' higher value It doesn't make any sense at all unless you take the PetroDollar into a count.

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We are on a road that leads straight to the World War 3, but in order to see that and to fully understand what is at stake you have to look at the big picture and connect the dots. This video examines the history of the dollar, its relation to oil, and the real motives behind the wars of the past two decades.

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