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Clyde Lewis 911 9 Years On – PDX 911 Truth

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We're here in Portland Oregon today On 9/11. September the 11th Talking about the events of that faithful day in 2001. I'm Erick Sloan with my colleague Clyde Lewis. Clyde hello. How you doin'? Clyde and I were broadcasters on 9/11 on a radio station here in Portland and we're remembering our participation inside the news media that day. Clyde, I was at the station early that morning when word first came across the associative press wire, that something had gone horribly wrong In Manhattan. The first reports were of course, that there might have been an aviation accident of some kind. Perhaps the pilot of a light plane had been off course and crashed, but then of course we learned more and more about that day. When was the first word that you had? I received a phone call at about 6 in the morning from a friend named Jim Colewill. And he called me and he says "Clyde, the end of the world has started." And I was hungover cause I had a party the night before It was back in the days when I was like partying, and basically, you know, drinking a lot, and Doing a lot of crazy stuff and I do have a reputation for that, it's gone now because... of other reasons, but I had, you know, tried to wrap my head around him saying that the end of the world had begun and I said, "what do you mean the end of the world has begun?" And he says "turn on your television, now!" So I turned on my television and I turn it on right at the time that Matt Lauer was on NBC, And I think he was talking with Katy Curric And, if I recall, and the plane, the second plane had hit the tower at that time. And I, like, said "wow!" I mean, the first thing you see when you wake up is a plane hitting the world trade center, And you're seeing the other tower on fire and I'm thinking to myself "Oh my god, how is this the end of the world and what am I seeing?" And then I realized, what I did was I woke up, and I walked up to the raw silent grocery where I get coffee every day, and I figured I'm gonna go get a few cups of coffee in me and feel better and I walked up and I was sitting there, drinking my coffee, and I said to Jenifer, the woman who was there, I said you better turn on the radio, something's happening in New York. And she says why aren't you at the radio station and I say, "ah this is just passes, it's just sort of a... It'll go away, don't worry about it." I mean there's no emergency broadcast going on, there's no alerts or alarms going on, Had the station contacted you at that point? No, In fact, what had happened was, I received, I actually after I had my coffee and I was listening, I think I was listening to NPR at the time I think that's what they were, I think NPR was doing the broadcast, and I, there was a woman there who was from O.H.S.U. Hospital because the market was situated like below the hospital, and she came in, and she said: "It's the end of the world" And I- and she started crying, and I thought, this is bigger than I had thought, I haven't heard the entire story and I don't know what's happening. I was in the market, with a girl that who's father worked at the world trade center, actually And we heard the tower come down on the radio, we could hear the slam, the not necessarily slamming but that weird roar if you remember the, I'll never forget the sound of the roar because it was on the radio, not on television, the sound of the roar I had heard the roar of the building coming down I went home, she went- ran crying, I went home, And I got my messages, and it was the wife, or the now wife of one of my co-hosts that I worked with Rick Emirson, Laura Giffer, called me on the telephone and said "we've been trying to find you, we didn't know where you were, we thought you were hiding or somewhere, because I have a show called ground 0 which I had since 1995, we though you were in danger, because you know, I talk about, you know, conspiracy theories and government cover-ups and things like that and she says " we thought you were in danger, you need to get to the studio, and start being a reporter and doing reporting in the news room. And so I said ok, and I immediately ran, literally ran to the radio station, cause the radio station was in was like, about, I'd say about not even a mile away from my house but a quarter of a mile, I literally ran in 80- 90º heat In Portland Oregon, I ran to the studio, Stinking like a drunk, you just stinking horribly wearing dirty shorts and a dirty shirt with mustard on it, cause I was, you know, whatever, not a pretty sight Not - no, it wasn't at all I wasn't shaven, my hair was a mess, Ran down there, threw on my headphones, Opened the microphone, and started reporting about the end of the world. Pretty much. And I was monitoring TV, I was then told then that I should go downtown and do, you know, on the spot reporting, on the street reporting and that's what I did, as I was downtown doing on the street reporting. Well you mentioned Matt Lauer, I was back in the studio, at the time, doing early morning news, and we saw NBC replaying the tape of the plane hitting the second building. And Lauer said "let's back that up and show it again" He said, you can clearly see the plane as it enters the side of the building But it seems to be flying straight and level. He says: "that's no accident." And that was a new thought at that moment. That this was not some pilot who'd been off course or some horrible accident, but It was deliberate. The minute- It's interesting that you bring that up because, the minute They had said that it was deliberate, I stopped, and I thought to myself, It was actually a golfer, who was on an airplane, that I recall, who pressure, the cabin depressurized and they froze to death. It was Pain Steward, exactly. Pain Steward's plane was flying and I remember Clinton dispatching Aircraft, air-force aircraft Within 5 - 10 minutes of Pain Steward losing altitude, and actually was just , the plane was flying on autopilot and I said to myself you know, if Clinton can dispatch air-force units for Pain Steward's plane, and people were dead on that pane and they were worried it was gonna land in a heavily populated area, where was the air-force, or where was the protection on our country how did, I mean when a plane like that was flying against the Hudson river, They have a flight path that they choose, and if they go against the Hudson and something's wrong with the craft, those planes were flying against the Hudson and they had within I'd say 10 probably 8 minutes To scramble jets to intercept these air crafts and they din't do it. And that was the first thing on my mind I was thinking " where was, where was our jets?" "Why weren't they scrambled?" The second thing that was on my mind is: When the buildings came down, I remember hearing, and I switched the channels to find out, but I remember hearing both Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings. All saying, and they said and agreed and this is where I think a lot of people need to pay attention, they said the towers had come down and it looks as if they had detonated the towers. In a controlled demolition. With dynamite or some other source. Cause they're saying that the uniformity of the buildings coming down if anyone has seen The spectacle of a building or an edifice or structure dynamited and coming down to controlled demolition that is what we were witnessing. And Rather said it, Jennings said it, and so did Brokaw. All three of them were both looking at it and going " this looks like a controlled demolition." And I figured that, of course it was a controlled demolition, because they didn't want the buildings to fall forward,onto other buildings, so they had to somehow control the damage and the disaster and they brought them down. I wasn't thinking that it was some conspiracy at the time but what I was thinking was " Where are the planes that were supposed to save those people and- and -and take care of the loss of life," and there was nothing there. And of course, we're remembering a breaking news story and as you and I both know, Clyde, When there's a major disaster happening, It's hard to analyze what you're seeing and what's actually happening out there, because all kinds of conflicting information comes in, and it's hard to piece it together especially something of this magnitude. Well, I do know that when I was watching it and another thing that I remember watching in in before I knew what building 7 was I remember watching another building come down, that wasn't affected by the planes, and I saw this building and I said "why is this building coming down?" It didn't look like it was affected at all by the planes and then someone said "well that's where the security exchange commission is." That's where they keep the records of the FBI That's where Giuliani's office is there is that building. And I'm thinking "oh my god" They just detonated any information that they can use to find out who's behind this- this-this crime. I saw it as a crime, I wasn't even thinking terrorism. I was thinking this is criminal activity this is, you know, this is something that's being done and it's a criminal act it's a murder scene, somebody has committed mass murder, And they're doing it for a reason and what that reason is, I do not know, but... it seems to me that this is definitely something horrific and and it is a murder scene and somebody somebody, I thought, on the inside had to have looked the other way to let those planes through, it had to have been something concocted out of die-hard I was thinking die-hard, I was thinking hell, I was even a X-files fan and a lone gunman fan It would really freak me out as I was remembering also that I've seen a TV show they talked about this very thing, where a group of terrorists remotely were going to crash a plane into the world trade center. And I was thinking about that too and I'm thinking you know, there's something going on something that I can't put my finger on, but it doesn't feel right, in fact, I was on the phone with the people who hosted my website at the time and I said, "I'm going live with a story that's going to..." I wanted to go live with a story saying "a lot of things don't add up." And I want to go on there and talk about it, and you know what the word I got was? If you do, you will ruin your career and you will never go on the air again. Was that the program director by any chance? who said that? nope, nope. It wasn't the program director. It was the people, at the time, because I had lost my show prior, I did a national show, Ground 0, and I did my- I did it since 1995, I called the show Ground 0, I was national, and I had just said, because I had a number of people on my program, Adam Parfrey I had on my program, and a few other people, we were talking about Oklahoma city, We were talking about Timothy McVeigh, and we had said that if Timothy McVeigh was being, if he gets executed there will be a terrorist attack on the United States, because we felt that he had intelligence about terrorist cells in the United States there would be a terrorist attack on the United States. And I had said that and that's why I got let go, cause we were Chicago, I said there would be an attack on Chicago not on New York, and Seers was one of the major sponsors, and they pulled sponsorship. I lost them $40.000 and so guy took over, who who I never knew, I just knew him in New York City, and he had all of his money tied to the world trade center, and it was in the world trade center. He lost all of his money at that time Ground 0 was on the verge of bankruptcy I wanted to get the final word in and say " I wanna let you all know that this was something that was I believe a criminal element within the borders of the United States creating this crime, I didn't say it was terrorism, I said it was a crime. And I was told by people that were funding my show at the time "You do this, you go on the air and you say this, it will be career suicide and you will not work ever again. And I was warned. And I didn't do it. I actually I actually left, I left town and I ... Not only did I leave town, because I was told that I would never work again, but I left town because I got a call from an FBI agent in Indiana, who said that he was on my website. And he said this is his words, he said: "I'm on your website right now Mr.Lewis." and I said, "what are you doing on my website?" he says I'm reading an article that you wrote called the Abaddon nexus." and I said ok, and he says " in the Abaddon nexus, Mr.Lewis, you say that a city is about to be destroyed, you talk about Sodom and Gomorrah you talk about striking a city, you talk about all these biblical things," and he says "I just wanna let you know something." We're on to you Mr.Lewis, and I said " what are you on to me about?" He said " The Abaddon nexus it's the word Abaddon, do you know where the word abaddon comes from Mr.Lewis?" and I say no, I don't, and he goes " Revelation chapter 9 verse 11." And that's when I thought I'm in big trouble and I gotta run. And I left, I left town and I went to lake Tahoe, and I hung out there for a week. And then I came back with all the courage and might that I could, went back on the air, and they told me that they wanted me to stop using the term "ground 0" and I said no. I said: this will always be ground 0 I will always call my show Ground 0 I've been calling it Ground 0 since 1995 and I'm never gonna change the name, for no terrorist attack, no 9/11 none of it. And I figured that whatever happened I was feeling within my gut that something was gonna go down, and they were gonna call it Ground 0 and to this day, you can go back and read all my articles you can read everything I've ever written and talked about, I was talking about something of this magnitude happening in this country and... and now people are using it as a tool and a cudgel and a lot of politicians and people are now using it and you know, we say that 9/11 was an inside job people like Glen Beck and Sarah Palin who are charging $275 to see them they're treating it as an inside joke. I mean, my opinion is is that ,hey, I guess that Glen Beck is gonna be the poster child for 9/11 now, we pay 275 to see him. They ought to just erect like, like they do for Santa Clause, two towers behind him , a little candy land with elves and have them go sit on Glen Beck's lap because he is the man who is Ground 0 right? I'm sick. I mean that's the sickest thing I could ever see, is Come have some beer with us and celebrate 9/11, 9/11 is not a celebration, it's a lesson. And we need to learn from that lesson. And you know, it's nothing to celebrate and another thing too that I'll tell you. I will not I refuse to have a moment of silence for the dead at 9/11 why should we be silent when we should be speaking out and saying that what happened was literally a murder scene and it was done by a criminal element within the borders of this country. They want us to bow our heads and remain silent, because you can bow your head just low enough that they can lop it off. And that's exactly what they want us, they want us to be silent. They want us to be silent about all of the atrocities they're doing. And I want it, and my feeling is is that when I was thrust in the midst of what was going on on 9/11 and in the heat of the moment when they shut down... I had a woman and it's an experience I'll never forget I was downtown in pioneer square with a microphone And I said to this woman, I said "You know, the towers were just brought down in New York, how do you feel about this?" And she says I have to get my daughter shoes. and she says "and the stores are all closing", she says "I am from israel" and she says "in Tel Aviv, if there's a terrorist attack" she says, "what we do is they go in they clean up the mess, they take away the bodies they take away whatever, they clean it up and it's business afterwards, we have to live, we have to survive." In America they shut down the entire country she said "this is a military operation" This is not a terrorist attack. And ever since, I'll never forget her telling me this because she say's "I lived in Israel and I know what a terrorist attack is" This is a military operation. And I'll never forget that. There was en eerie silence in the days and weeks after the 9/11 attakcs when all commercial airliners were grounded. And only military aircraft could fly Tell us about your feelings when you would walk around and you'd see some jets passing over. Actually, one of the things about 9/11 in that morning was that it was eerily calm in the skies and I remember after I'd been out in the heat and and I had to go home and shave and shower and look better, I was in my house, I just got out of the shower, I just shaved and I heard jets flying over. But they didn't sound like jets, they sounded like missiles. And I thought for sure a missile was headed for my house and I ran out with a towel wrapped around my body wondering what the hell did I just hear. And I think that was done As a way to to frighten us, I think that shutting down everything, shutting down access it's a tactic of deprivation. They were depriving us of our right to move about, of our right to I mean, they wanted us to be glued to our televisions, and watching the trauma It was estimated that people watched for 8 hours the continuous slamming of those planes into those two towers. And I just think that there's gotta be something somewhere inside of us all that we're ... getting some sort of disassociative order disorder, sort of a post traumatic stress situation that's what we're seeing about economy that's why we're seeing prolonged wars that's why we're seeing just not fighting and just, and remaining silent. Having that moment of silence. Having that moment of empty silence. You know, what is gonna happen, when are we gonna learn that we gotta use our voices as a weapon of choice? We gotta use our abilities And we gotta help those that need help and we gotta aid those that need aid, and we need to NOT put all of our faith in our leaders and those who tell us that they're here to help us You know, I was just reading the other day, that only 2% of the aid that Heidi asked for during the earthquakes of Heidi only 2% reached them. The United States didn't give their money, all they did is they gave their their military, to come in and take over their airports. This is what is going on, and we have our politicians getting up there and saying: "send us your cash" "Send us your money" "we need money and cash" It's not working. This isn't working. We need to speak up and we need to not be silent. Silence is acceptance. Were you getting response that day, later on 9/11 as a broadcaster from the public?What were they calling in about or talking about? They were calling in they were angry. And the anger happened after George Bush had spoke. And I was hearing the anger, from people they were blaming people, blaming Muslims, blaming You know, blaming the government you know, everybody's blaming everybody else and they- blaming the jews... blaming all these people, And I'm thinking to myself you know, there's gotta be something you know, to get rid of the anger, and We didn't eve, We didn't even take time to grieve we know sooner, saw the towers coming down we were already clamoring for war. And I think that something to be said, that you know, nobody wants to stop and say "did we ever investigate it as a murder scene?" You know, did we ever... you know we just made it a ( hollow wood ground), it's It's like some sick religious some sick religious icon of two towers being destroyed and really 3 to 4000 people dying. It's just... And we use this as something to celebrate like I said, it's nothing to celebrate, it's something to learn from. And you know, we certainly don't protect after the fact And now it's all about protection and it's like saying " oh ok we had you know, my teenager got pregnant, you better start using a condom" condom now, it doesn't make sense it's like: well we got attacked, now we gotta fortify the protection, and we got the constitutional rights and pray to patriot act and it's just outrageously crazy. We know that president Bush, on that day , 9/11 was in Florida. I believe it was Pensacola. And Clyde, you've seen the video of the president speaking at a school, he was in a classroom. And the camera shows him talking to the children and an aid comes in to speak with him apparently to tell him about the attack In New York and in Washington. And what was your thought as you watched that video of the president being informed? My though was hypocrisy . And the reason why I though that was because how many times have we heared stories of Saddam Hussein Or Muammar Gaddafi or any of these other leaders who we consider to be dastardly people being told that they basically used children as human shields to protect them and there was Bush sitting there with children as human shields to protect him. He didn't move He didn't go anywhere, he sat there for... 12 minutes 13 minutes, he just sat there just staring. And I believe one of the things I think is, is I don't think Bush actually knew, I think he knew that something was going to happen but I really don't believe he knew how great and large and how devastating it was going to be. And I think that he sat there scared to death. And that's why he didn't move. I think he was frightened, I think I think that he he... knew. that he was a target. and he knew he, as soon as they reported it to him I think he thought, I'm staying right here with these kids cause they have to get through these kids to get to me. And I think that he was frightened and I think that he really and truly thought that he would be safe amongst the children and that's why he didn't move. and so I can tell you that I think you know, I mean, everyone says " well Bush knew" I don't know if he knew. I am not, I mean, cause I saw him cry on camera because he didn't know it was going on and I think I think that he didn't know but I certainly know that after he found out he exploited it. And he was told that he needed to exploit it for the war and that's the ugly part of it. Is that after Bush got his faculty together, he then exploited it for an all out war. And that was part of the plan it was written in the project for the new American centry it was proposed by Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz and the crew who wrote that manifesto that basically detailed their intentions and their ideas for the future and one was a Pearl Harbor-like event, that would galvanize the people to demand an offence that would go in and destroy the middle east. And it was written and it's in black and white and the intentions were there and to the tea even to the point of a bio-terror threat that was supposed to happen after the Pearl Harbor threat it said- it wrote it out in plain English. "We need a Pearl Harbor, and perhaps even a bio-terror threat." No sooner did we no sooner did we hear about the planes going into the buildings we heard of antrax being sent to people whom they wanted to keep quiet. and it's just obvious to me that this is this was one of the greatest strangest and scariest points of the American history and I don't think that we're gonna see the end of it I think that we have I think that once the big one this was the big one and they get bigger and bigger and bigger It was Waco, Oklahoma city, 9/11 what's next? That's what I'm wondering. What is next? 9 years on. It's been 9 years since that attack And, what have we learned Clyde? What can we take from all this? Do you have any... any thoughts about the national security movement or are we any safer today than we were then? No. We're not safer. And the reason why we're not safer is because when you plant in the heads of people that they're doomed they start acting like they're doomed. And ever since 9/11 we've been hearing that the world is going to end, that 2012 is coming up, We've been hearing all of this doom and and gloom and you know, you know, there's gonna be another terror event, terror event terror event, false flag events, false flag attacks, false flag drills Everything to basically keep people frightened and angry and you look at what's going on now with the burning of the Quran, you look at what's going on now with the... the Mosk being built two blocks from ground 0, not at ground 0 but 2 blocks away. And it's not even a mosque, it's a center. It's a cultural center. And people going " I can't believe this, I can't believe this, I can' believe they're building a mosque there, this is so... anti American, it's so anti this anti that..." But I , you know, I want to point out something. That... there is something called the "the ground 0 cross" and the ground 0 cross was 2 girders that were fused together in the terrorist attack to look like a cross they were embedded in a big stone. And when they saw the rubble, and the dust settle, and they saw that cross sitting there they actually said that it was god speaking to the world, saying that he's in control of the situation and that everyone there is in gods hands now. And that's what they saw with the cross. That cross represented all the Christians that were in gods hands. not the Muslims that died there not the little orphan boy, who's Muslim parents were killed not the jews that were killed there not the Atheists that were killed there but all the Christians and them too were in gods hands. Now, if that's not bias and if that's not, just as evil as saying, you know, they're rubbing our nose in it what was that? That to me is just as horrific, if not worse than taking away people's ability to have their beliefs even after they're dead. And to exploit 9/11 , I wouldn't want to be a 9/11 victim and not because of the fact that I'd be dead but because every time a politician wants to get his way, all he has to do is kick the corpses of the 9/11 dead for any loose change or any loose philosophies that may may be taken from him, and I just think it's sad it's like being a mummy, it's like being dug up in some necromantic ritual to be used as fodder for a prolonged war for... for human rights violation I mean, everything in their name has been done to destroy this country and they call them heroes. No, they're not heroes, they're straw men. They're being exploited and I think it's just disg- I think it's just disgusting. And, like I said, you know, It's just, they're not heroes, they're just being used used for fodder for war and for me this is sad. Looking at the global situation We hear a lot in this country about anti-Muslim feelings, is this a war between Christianity and the Arab world? They tell us it isn't but it definitely is. Bush called it a crusade, and the fanatical Muslims see it as that. And so, you can tell me that it's not, but in the hearts of Christians and in the hearts of hearts of- in the hearts of fanatical Muslims fanatical Christians, It is. And this is the war that they want to use as the apocalyptic blueprint for armageddon. And they're going to do it, unless someone stops the madness and says: You know, you're using this as a blueprint of death, you're using your own Bibles, your own Qurans as a blueprint of death why don't we stop it? And work towards a better future? That's what I wanna know, I mean, it's reverse causality. We know what the future holds for us cause we have been told it every day. We've been shown the Bible, we've been shown Nostradamus. We've been shown all these preachers and Poli- policy makers and Quran burners and Bible burners and flag burners. That's because the media just loves to talk, I mean today I mean we're scheduling to have who wanna burn the 9/11 commission report book. here at our little gathering today, just to send a message to those power to be that we don't believe their story. And we would love to have the media show up and look at waht we're doing but we wonder if they will. We wonder if they'll have the courage to do it and I don't know if they do. And they probably don't Regarding the 9/11 truth movement, What is there theorey of feeling about the Muslim intervention or causality of the 9/11 attack? I really don't know if there's I really don't know if there's any you know foundation of belief eother way people all have their own feelings with the 9/11 truth movement, some of them are anti zianists, some of I'm sure there's some Anti-Muslim sentiment there, somewhere, hell I mean, it's like everyone has their feelings and opinions and that's one of the problems with having groups that are this vast and it's that you all have different opinions and you all have You know, fragmented ideas but I think that what we need to do is we need to the base of what it is that we want to establish and accomplish, and I think the best thing that we need to accomplish is that we need to , we need to accept the fact that there are going to be at least 20 or 30 percent of the population who are not gonna believe in what we're talking about there's going to be a fragment, or a small group of people within the 9/11 movement they're gonna believe that no planes went into the pentagon and they're gonna believe that the evidence suggests this or the evidence suggests that... this evidence suggesting everything means nothing what we need to do is we need to move forward and we need to find justice. And we need to prove intent. And we need to call the criminals the criminals, and then we need to establish ways to get a hold of communication centers and always without getting in the face of people assume that people are willing to hear us instead of assuming that we're fighting against something, we're not fighting against anything we're fighting for the freedoms and we're fighting FOR the new rights and we're fighting FOR things.We're not fighting against anything. We gotta be fighting for something instead of against something. The negativity or the negative ideas of fighting against something is not going to help. We're fighting for a reason to be heard We want to not be silent. We want to speak, and we want to speak articulate wit- articulately, we wanna be able to you know, get that information out there and we want to make sure that that information is sound and not off on some tangent about no planes or no bodies, or or or... you know, little, what I call minusha. you know, criminals are out there criminals need to be put on trial, criminals need to face justice. And that is what needs to be done with the 9/11 truth movement. Clyde Lewis, thanks so much Thank you. I'm Erick Sloan.

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Clyde Lewis 911 9 Years On – PDX 911 Truth

Clyde Lewis reminisces about the day he was in Portland and the Planes hit the towers. It was an eventful and crucial day in his life in more ways than one. Some surprising revelations. Eric Sloan interviews.

Clyde Lewis Ground Zero

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