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The Origin of the Thundercloud

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What is up you guys, this is SpaceKryptonite here to bring you a "Meta-breaking-bot" that has surfaced all over Robocraft This bot is the deadliest vehicle in Robocraft and can be devastating to fight It is so "Meta-breaking" that other users can't help, but to upload their own designs in the CRF Ladies and gents, we have been brought to the likes of the Thundercloud created by Juvar23 But how did this bot come about? And what makes this bot so special enough to break the "meta" of Robocraft? Let's look into the history of its design The bot itself wasn't great from the start. Take a look at its original design This is cloud. And no I'm not talking about "Final-Fantasy-7" It was inspired by Katastronik's design, but we have no pictures on Robocraft that can help show you its origin The bot itself was not the greatest and a lot of people saw it as bland, boring, and even targeted as an easy bot to take down It didn't have a great start. Even though the bot functioned great And was a plasma bomber which are currently strong. Anyways, we have a saying in Robocraft that goes If it looks great, it works great; therefore, your bot is awesome; however, this bot was different It was all about the inside and not the outside All the "handy-dandy" things it needed was condensed and sealed, but made the outside look bland Because we are so used to seeing the movement items not well hidden But what was the turn around that made the Thundercloud become what it is today Well, it was the inspiration of the "Ahjana" "Ajana?" "Ahj?" "Ajna-Doll" which was created by Otheisis It was designed as an SMG hover, but was able to become a medic The bot was considered great and many people liked it But it was not the change that made everyone want it From this point, Juvar23 was inspired. He had the idea of mixing two and two together The idea was simple, but it gave him something to go off of The carbon allowed him to increase the size enough to give him some room for creativity and a slick design The result? Need I say more? The Thundercloud was released and everyone loved it Because of Juvar's decision, the Thundercloud became a "Meta-breaking-bot" The design was smooth and the size was perfect With plasmas being strong in the current meta, the damage and survivability goes through the roof on this one So that pretty much wraps it up for this video Let me know your experience on the Thundercloud in the comment section down below And don't forget to like and subscribe for all your Robo needs And until next time This is SpaceKryptonite logging out I will catch you guys later

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Language: English
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Posted by: spacekryptonite on Dec 9, 2015

What is the Thundercloud? Where did the Thundercloud come from? Well do I have a story for you! This bot is classified as a meta breaking bot that has struck Robocraft with a bang! Tune in and learn the history of the Thundercloud and why is this bot so amazing. Enjoy!

Thundercloud Website: Created by Juvar23

Robocraft Garage Rating: 10/10

Great job to Juvar23 for building this Thundercloud! All credit goes to you.

Check out Juvar23's channel for some of his awesome bots!

Music used:
Richard F - Awakening

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