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Goproject Films 2012 Reel

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[goproject films Reel 2012] [♪♪] [male speaker] We're all creatures of nature. And until the last few thousand years, we were completely immersed in nature and were a part of nature, were one of nature's creatures. Now more than half the world's population live in cities and really have pretty much lost any connection to that kind of experience of being fully part of nature. [♪♪] [male speaker] In a prison like Moran, there's a serious conflict waiting around any corner. All you know is what the media and the movies say about prison, you know? Take care of yourself, man. Somebody's going to try to take your manhood or something. You know what I mean? I'm thinking I'm going to come in here and fight the world. [♪♪] [male speaking foreign language] [The Ganges...] [ our life, our livelihood,] [our pride, our faith,] [our devotion, our honor,] [our respect. She is everything.] [♪♪] [traffic noise] [speaking foreign language] [I can't see any lands or any fields.] [There is nothing.] [These people just live on concrete surfaces.] [♪♪] [drum beat] [female speaker] There's a whole healing that needs to be done in this walk. The healing walk is a really good indication of the fact that there's a lot that needs to be undone, not just environmentally but spiritually and culturally as well. [♪♪] [male speaker] What can we do that honors and respects every single individual that lives on this land and their history and their identity and their own narratives and at the same time create a future that they will look at and they will say, "I don't just easily fit into this. I want to be part of this." [♪♪] [male speaker] Life is about possibilities. Any time somebody told me, "You can't do something," that just means a failure of imagination. [♪♪] [male speaker] There is some deep internal intelligence, some almost nonverbal narrative which nourishes us, which has its own natural wellspring. And so this drawing is trying to touch the rim of that. [♪♪] [goproject films]

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Posted by: global on Jun 15, 2012

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