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Tips On How to do LED Uplighting & Downlighting

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[Music Playing.........♪♫♪♫] Uplighting and Downlighting - Here's a couple of terms that people are familiar with or have heard, but aren't always sure what we're trying to achieve. A couple of details here: This is going to be an example of uplighting. What we're doing is taking a plain light and we're actually making the wall a part of your aesthetic element. What's nice about uplighting is, for a lot of installations or architectural designs, before we used to use paint to get a different look for the room, but now what we're seeing is more and more lighting designers, more and more architects are actually spec-ing an entire room or an entire building to be white inside and outside.

The reason for that is, you can take a light even during the day if I was to open up these blinds, I can take a light on a white wall and I can change the look of the wall any time. This is great for a lot of pageants that we have in the worship industry. We have Easter and we have Christmas and a lot of other designs and pageants that go on throughout the year. This helps us to change the look of an entire room. So this was uplighting, and then in the back will be downlighting. So I'm actually taking the light and lighting the wall behind you. Very similar bars, they are a little bit different as far as the power, but essentially we're achieving the same thing. So that's uplighting, and downlighting. Again it's highlighting through the details of strategically placing lights around the room. A lot of choirs like to use them. So you can light up the wall behind a choir. It creates depth.

You can use uplighting and downlighting in conjunction so they'll have lighting in the back and then they'll have downlighting in the front. So you creating dimension. So you can have a different color in the back and a different color in the front, usually to light choirs and bands and so forth. Here is an example of <a href="">LED uplighting</a> Sometimes uplighting can be interchanged with accent lighting and that really accenting anything more than the walls. [Comment from Richard Gibson of Elation Lighting] The other thing about uplighting is you're seeing a lot of that in architectural exteriors outside of buildings for signage. For example the idea that you can take a sign and actually during different events, change the color again and again. Most of that stuff is done with <a href="">LED lighting</a> [Music playing.................♪♫♪♫]

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Learn the difference between LED uplighting & LED downlighting from Ray Villasenor, lighting expert from Elation lighting in Los Angeles, CA> In this video demonstration, Ray is at the CCI Solutions headquarters in Olympia, WA to share some tips on how to get great LED uplighting & downlighting effects on your stage or in your church.

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