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Hello and welcome to Wines from Castilla La Mancha Today we are in a winery from la Roda (Albacete)Spain Vino de la Tierra de Castilla wine. Surely one of the best wineries in Castilla La Mancha And we have with us winery owner Tomás Ruiz Hello Ramón, How are you?. He is going to tell us a litte about the winery and his wines. Ok, Tell us something about the winery The winery is an old project Our family started the last century, more than 100 years with vinification and winemaking professionals My grandfather owned a winery And in 1994 I started with the new project With the plantation of "espaldera" vineyards And How many hectares of vineyards? we currenly have 70 hectares Exclusively for our own production. we test existing and foreign varieties And at the end We have decided. What are the varieties are you planting? We have tried with many varieties and at the end we are planting 11 different varieties. 5 red and 6 white varieties Of course we have tempranillo typical of this area And then we have merlot, Syrah, Cabernet And petit Verdot which is adapting very well to this soil And among the whites varieties we are a little bit innovative A part from Chardonnay which is well know all around the world We did some testing and right now we have viognier Moscatel de grano menudo And even we have something really interesting with albariño which is something new in this area and we have some wine bottled with albariño. And the gewürztraminer which is one the wines we are going to taste later on Yes, we started experimenting in 2000 And this year we already have some in bottle, we have decided that has good quality to be commercialized ok, let´s talk about two of your products we are going to taste, as we said, your Gewúrztraminer 2008 And also a 2004 Syrah with three months in oak Both wines as you can see are named 1564 I would like you to tell me the story about this name as we are an innovative winery and we want to do different things in the name of the wines we are trying to be original 1564 has something to do with la Roda as a land of vineyards Then 1564 indicate the year when the church of La Roda was built And from that, I like the name a lot With a nod to history and the village where the wine is coming from Let´s try the first one The gewúrztraminer. 2008 vintage 100% gewúrztraminer We have launched this prodcut this year This is a wine powerful in aromas, powerful wine in the mouth If you notice the color of the wine, is typical gewúrztraminer yellow straw color greenish...clean This is a very aromatic wine On the nose....floral aromas Pineaple...ok...very good...violet And the main aroma from Gewurztraminer: fresh lychee fruit Let´s see in the mouth In the mounth express the fruit...meaty fruit floral as well. Very long finish Really good. 13.5% And as we has said, you only have vino de la tierra de Castilla You are not under any Denomination of Origin Once you let the wine breathe to 'open' , new aromas and tones are coming up this wine goes well with fish and seafood and I would also recommend it with mushrooms And it goes well with foie as well. this can go with a lot of food. i think is a wine to be drunk with food this is a very interesting wine as this variety can barely be found in Spain I have seen some people planting it in somontano Here we did some testings and i think the wine is really good Let´s see the red one 2004 shiraz crianza wine Silver medal concourses mondial de Bruxelles 2006 In recognition to the planting of this variety in this´s been years This is one of the first varieties we planted some people say that one of the best Shiraz can be found in Castilla La Mancha region Tell me...As you see this wine is dark red purplish...and the oak is giving different tones of red 2004 vintage this wine has a "half Crianza". This is not the same crianza than those of the Denomination of origin We like wines with a beautiful integration of wood Toasty notes, vanilla if you smell red fruit and blackcurrant smoky and vanilla aromas you told me that this wine has three month in oak we keep the wine in oak...and we taste it in order to find the perfect balance between fruit and oak so,periodically, depending on the wine, we taste it and when we think is the right moment...for that balance This is the characteristic that we are looking for our wines A wine that improves with age. Adn this one still is.. On the nose almost the same...long finish Silky, full bodied Long finish... As you said before...rainsins and liquorice All of our wines have liquorice i think is coming from the terroir liquorice always appears in our wines let´s summarize your range what the consumer can find in the market We have tasted these two, but you has also monovarietal range yes, we have a monovarietal range As all of our wine are coming form our own production we have Our range starts with monovaritals young wines no oak, we Tempranillo, Cabernet and some of them have been awarded too I think merlot is one of them Yes, merlot is golden medal Brussels 2008 And the Shiraz won the best value red new wave Spanish wine awards 2006 yes, indeed A blind tasting of 700 Spanish wines chosing the best 100 And then is one winner in each category And your Shiraz won the best value red in the Uk. The judges were wine experts and Masters of Wine then we have the top range. wine with crianza, oak. we have tasted one of them. A Shiraz. We also have a coupage, French, American and Romanian oak This is what we normally do with our coupage we also have a Petit Verdot Named Xintros...this one over here Also awarded with international medal And, do you also have Ice wine? let me tell you before that That we also have a barrel fermentation white Viognier, Chardonnay, Albariño coupage Fermented in French oak And as your were saying Ice wine. Made from tempranillo grapes we pcik up the grapes in December The grapes are left on the vine to ripen and raisin And we pick up the grapes by hand and with a special frementation controling the temperature avoiding high temperatures and then we stop the fermentation leaving some sugar The wine has a typical tone of tempranillo raisin grape with a sweet background This wine goes well with starters As I was telling you with the gewúrztraminer, goes well with foie and mushrooms Very interesting products working with "non-Castilla La Mancha" varieties And even with varieties that nobody else in this region is planting at the moment Thank you for letting us share this moment with you at your winery Thank you for visiting us I hope the audience will enjoy. Congratulations on your products...i like them very much Thank you very much

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