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Why Is There So Much Suffering? Sadhguru

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Now your handicap is not the source of your unhappiness. Nor is your poverty the source of your unhappiness. The source of your unhappiness is you. See suppose...suppose you came here thousand years ago all of you lived in huts..there was no problem about living in a hut. Isn't it? people lived happily in a hut. Now the problem is somebody is living in a palace, you are living in a hut that's your problem. that is the source of your unhappiness. not the hut, isn't it? yes? All of us were eating just one meal No problem, we will do quite well, isn't it? Somebody is eating three you are eating only one, now you are unhappy. Is that so? All of us had only one hand, no problem. Isn't it so? In fact we would learn to use this one hand much more effectively Now others have two, you have one, thats the problem. So unhappiness is coming to you, suffering is coming to you not because of any physical situations suffering is coming to you because you are looking at other things somebody else has you don't have that and you are making yourself miserable, isn't it? If all of us had to go ten miles to catch one pot of water in the morning, that would be normal in our life.. we would get up 4 o'clock in the morning , all of us walk.. get water and come back. Isn't it, isn't it so? Would it be a great suffering? No, it would be a good morning walk. Now the thing is everybody has got water in their house ten taps inside their house, you have to walk 10 miles now you are miserable Isn't it? So its not the physical situation which is causing misery it is the way you are reacting to the life around you which is causing misery. And thats where your karma is. Your karma is not in what is happening to you your karma is in the way you responding to it. You are capable of suffering just about anything. Aren't you? Yes Aren't people capable of suffering just about anything Somebody could not get into the colleage he is suffering, uneducated I am. Somebody gets into the colleage, he is unable to get out of the colleage.. he is also suffering Isn't it so? Aren't they suffering? He is also suffering. You are unable to get a job, you are suffering You are given a job, aren't you suffering? You are not married you are suffering, you got married, aren't you suffering? No children you are suffering, children aren't you suffering? You are capable of suffering just about anything. Your suffering is not because of this or that. That's the way you made yourself and thats what you need to look at. So somebody has one hand, somebody has two hands thats not a issue really. Yes? Now.. would you like to have four hands? huh? Two will do? Why? Why all our Gods had four hands, why don't you have four hands? Actually I can do it to you in these two days. Plant the seeds of divinity in you so that four hands will come. If four hands come you would suffer that also. Isn't it? would be a freak. You wouldn't think I am a God, you will think you are a freak. and suffer that... Isn't it so? Have you seen somebody just has one finger extra and how people suffer? Yes? Do you know this? Just one finger extra and he always keeps his hand in a pocket. I know many people who start stuttering they cannot speak properly just because they got one finger extra. This finger is not paining, it doesn't have cancer in it, it has no problem. its perfectly ok finger, one extra finger, thats all. Just becasue everybody has ten I have eleven becomes a huge problem. So.. it is not nine fingers you are suffering or eleven fingers you are suffering It is just that you are suffering, thats all. That we can change, if you are willing we can change that completely. Completely we can change that. Suffering is happening out of your ignorance suffering is not happening because of the things around you. Suffering is plainly happening because of your ignorance. There are only two types of suffering you know, in your life. Body and mind, isn't it so? Do you know any other kind of suffering? Physical suffering, mental suffering. Do you know anything else? Thats all, isn't it? Physically if you are suffering, thats different. Physically somebody is hurting you or you have a disease something that needs to be handled in a different way. Thats a different aspect. But most of the suffering in the world is mental. Isn't it? Yes? Mentally if you are suffering means you are the source of your suffering obviously. You are creating it , isn't it so? Yes? Don't like it? Yes or no? You are creating it. Why would you create a suffering for yourself? May be you are trying for an employment in hell. huh? are looking for an employment in hell? You want to be incharge of the most horrible sections of hell? May be thats why you are trying to torture yourself and prepare yourself to get employment. How much experience do you have? They will ask you there I have a whole life time. Experience of torturing myself. If you are good at torturing yourself you must be wonderful at toruturing other people. Isn't it? Yes or No? Anybody who is willing to torture himself will he spare other people? Will he? He will not spare. He may do it with good intentions, but he will ensure everybody suffers. Aren't people doing this all the time? If you are a joyful person then you wouldn't want suffering to happen around you. You will ensure that you don't cause suffering around you because you don't like to suffer yourself. Suffering is by choice always by choice Misery is always by choice.

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 10, 2010 A seeker asks, why is there so much suffering and what is the purpose of this? Sadhguru explains that your handicap or poverty is not the source of your suffering, that the source of your unhappiness is you. (AO50)

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