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Diagnosing undetected cancer and speaking to husband who passed away

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Hello, my name is Orna, I live in Israel I want to tell you about my work with Healaura in the last few years Several years ago, my husband became sick. He had excrutiating pains and the doctors couldn’t figure out their source We went to doctors, clinics, and tests, and no one had a clue of what was going on One day I got a phone call from a friend that had been doing work with Healaura He told me that Orel gave him a message in a channeling session that my husband has a large tumour above his lung and it looks like an octopus with many arms the arms are hugging the nerves and this was the source of his pain After a while a test was carried out and then it was discovered that there is a "small tumour", like the doctors said, and that a small operation is required to take it out my husband entered surgery hour, after hour, after hour goes by after a six hour surgery the doctors come out and say "Listen, the tumour is big, with many arms inside the nerves, and we couldn't take it out. The situation is not good, and it's malignant." It turned out that the tumour matched Orel’s description exactly: like an octopus, with arms in the nerves, and they couldn’t take it out Which Orel had predicted as well We were shocked A person that goes through all the modern medical technology of the 21st century and suddenly a phone call comes out of the blue from some place, knowing exactly what my husband has Simply extraordinary After the operation, my husband went through chemotherapy and radiation And during this whole period we were given support with personal sessions and couple sessions that helped us very much to connect, to join forces, unite energy and to pass through this difficult period together We were closer than ever in our relationship In the end, after my husband passed away, I continued taking sessions with Amir He would channel the spirit of my husband and deliver messages from him to me things he also said before he passed away It was simply amazing, every time The accuracy just took me to a different place The message that my husband gave me before and after his death is that I need to keep on living in a full relationship I didn’t know how I was going to do that because I rather crashed afterwards I didn’t even plan on continuing life anymore but with the close support of Healaura that was just amazing I received tools to overcome and cope and the support of Orel and the angels all the time So I just got back on my feet and decided to continue I met a wonderful life partner and today we are in a very good relationship that is close and empowering I work in a job that fits with my life purpose and soul plan I’m the happiest than I've ever been in my work I feel that I am on the right path. My life is fullfilling I feel just wonderful. Extraordinary strengths. This work empowers, it just flies us to places we can't even imagine exist The method of Healaura helped me very much and put me back on my feet I have no doubt that without it I wouldn’t be here today Not alive in Israel, and for sure not visiting in Canada I feel very good with myself and I’m very grateful to the dear people in Healaura that support me with love and kindness This video was shot in Canada, as I came here to visit I also received a personal session here. It was fun And... only good things. Bye. P.S. And everything was done through the phone And it's really really fun. A life full of happiness, good health It's really worth it. Really really fun With love from Orna

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Duration: 4 minutes and 56 seconds
Year: 2010
Country: Israel
Language: Hebrew
Producer: Healaura Academy
Views: 123
Posted by: healaura on Nov 25, 2010

Orna from Israel recounts her difficult yet touching story of her and her husband's journey with cancer, which was only found after it went undetected by doctors and medical science for a long time before a phone call comes from out of the blue identifying the culprit and giving what would turn out to be an exact description of the tumour. Using the tools she learned with Healaura to turn tragedy to transformation, Orna tells how she was able to communicate with the spirit of her husband and how she was able to continue life in an empowered state.

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