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Kids party games pass the parcel

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The last one sitting down has got smelly feet! Sit down, quickly! Who's got... Is there anybody still standing up? You are! What do you mean, me? Ha...ha...ha... Does that mean I've got smelly feet? Now, I need to know, who knows... and, I want you to shout out as loud as you can, if you do know. Who knows what this is called? That's a present! Goodness me! Who likes presents? Me! Who's ever played the game called 'Pass the Parcel'? Me! Well, here's the thing, you see! I think that 'Pass the Parcel' is sometimes a little bit boring! Do you know why? Because, at some point when you play 'Pass the Parcel', they pass the parcel like this, they go... Lalalalalalalala... Oh, you're giggling already! We have the giggler at the party, everybody! And they go...lalalalalalalala... Oh, you're giggling as well! Now today we're not just going to play ordinary 'Pass the Parcel'. Welcome to the party! Come on in! Drop your gift on that table and come and jump in the circle! We're going to play 'Danger Pass the Parcel'. What? Danger Pass the Parcel? Now, in 'Danger Pass the Parcel', we don't pass the parcel like...lalala... What we do is we pass it as fast as we can. We pretend that the parcel is a lump of hot potato! So, you pass it like...Whaa....Whaa....What? Now, we're going to try this once. You're going to start with the birthday girl. You're going to start passing that way! Don't start yet! You hold on to that, because, we need some special parcel passing music. Here, it comes! Don't pass it yet! Don't pass it yet! Okay, pass it quickly...pass that parcel...already have...quickly! Pass faster than that...come on pass that should hurry! Pass the parcel! And, oh...oh! Mrs. Pink Bow...Mrs. Pink Bow! It stopped on you...Mrs. Pink Bow! She very cleverly went... Aaaahh... and got rid of it! But, Mrs. Ping stopped on you! So, what you do is you hold on to it now! And, you don't do anything, because, normally in 'Pass the Parcel', people open the paper like this! Lalalala... In 'Danger Pass the Parcel', we rip the paper off as if we got a bit mad...Whaaaa! But, to make sure we do this properly, we all start clapping like this! And, we got to do it faster! And we, rip, rip, rip, rip, rip, rip, rip! Rip that paper, rip, rip, rip, rip, rip, rip...come on! Wooh! Oh..oh, oh...oh, oh...oh, oh...oh! That's not good! Oh, no! Let me have a look! Do you know what that is? That is what is called a dangerous tip! Now, a dangerous tip is something that we have to do! Now this... for this dangerous tip, we all have to stand up! Who can stand up? You stay in your circle! If you've just joined us, come and join in the circle! It's really fun! Now, the first thing you have to do for this dangerous tip, everyone has to stand on one leg. Show me how you stand on one leg. Not bad, take your leg back down now! When the music starts, you're going to hop on one leg! Five times! I'm going to be counting. Get ready! Get steady!! Two! Three! Four! Five! Last one's sitting down got smelly feet! Is there anybody still standing? Yes, it's you! What? Does that mean I've got smelly feet? All right! Okay. Mrs. Pink Bow... You hold on to that! Now, remember that we're going that way! I just want to tell you, if you are a girl, and if you hold on to the present for too long, do you know what happens? You will get boy germs! But, it gets worse! If you are a boy, and you hold on to the present for too long, you will get girl germs! So, remember! Pass that parcel as fast as you can when you hear the music! Pass that quickly, quickly, come on! Hurry up! Quickly! Quickly! Oh...oh! Mr. Lumberjack Mr. Lumberjack Shirt! Now, we'll start clapping! Clapping those hands, we'll, rip, rip... Rip, rip, rip, rip, rip! Come one, rip that paper! Rip, rip, rip, rip, rip, rip, rip, rip, rip! Oh...oh! Oh...oh! Oh...Oh no...Mr... ...Mr. Lumberjack shirt! Look at that! It is another dangerous tip! Even more scary than the earlier...not funny, scary! Everybody stand up! For this dangerous tip, everybody needs to act like a monkey! Now! I want to hear some monkey noises! I want to see some monkey actions! When you hear the music, you start! You stay in your circle! Acting like a monkey! Go! Last ones to sit down got smelly feet! Is there anybody standing up? Yes, you! It's me again! Mr. Lumberjack shirt, remember, we're going that way! You hold on to that! Only when you hear the music, you must pass it... There's the music...quickly...come on! Get going as faster as you can! Oh...oh! Mrs. Dress! Hello, Mrs. Dress! Other way, other way, other way, Mrs. Dress! There you go, it stopped right on you! And, what do we say while clapping those fingers, and... Rip, rip, rip! Come on! Rip! You're really lucky! No dangerous tips! So, you just get passing that parcel! Other way! Come on, pass it! Oh! Mrs. Pink Skirt! Oh...well! It stopped at you! What do we say guys...start clapping those hands! It's got a dangerous tip or something! Oh...boy! You think that is so funny! It's a dangerous tip! Right, give me the paper. For this dangerous tip, you don't have to stand up! But, we all have to look at her! Now, when you hear the music start, we all have to try and make our birthday girl laugh by by pulling the funniest face we can! Get those faces ready! Now, remember birthday girl! As you look at them pulling these funny faces, these are the faces of your friends! Go! Funny faces! Look at that! And we give our birthday girl a loud clap, because it is her birthday today! Now to answer that you pulled those funny faces, do you know why? Because, as little bit later, we're going to be using that as a part of the magics later... You grab onto that. Now, you know what to do! You got to be passing it that way, but, you must only do it... There's the music...quickly! What? Hurry up! What a coincidence! It stopped on our birthday princess. You take that back! Now, don't move! Don't move, because, we're going to start that clap! Start it slow! I'm going to start again. Rip! Rip! Rip! Rip! And, let's get, rip, rip, rip, rip, rip...Come on! What is it? It's a prize! Let's give her a very loud clap! That is absolutely great! I may have to take that from you! You're going to stand up with your prize! And, birthday girl, you've got only 5 seconds. Yes! five seconds to get your prize to the present table and see it if you can make it back when you hear that music start! Five! Four! Three! Two! I can't believe it! That is a world birthday record! Let's give our birthday girl...much louder than that... Oh, they're amazing!

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Kids party games pass the parcel

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