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Built for the Stone Age - part two: Population

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There's something I've been told several times (which is quite incredible) I wonder if anyone's ever said it to you. Did you know? There are more people alive today than have ever lived? Isn't that amazing? I find that so incredible! Yes. It IS incredible. And do you know what 'incredible' means? 'That which cannot be believed.' It is incredible because it's flagrant rubbish. People come from other people. This is a fact. That's you.Now... How many brothers and sisters does the average person have up to day? Well, in some countries it's none, In Britain it's about one, and in some other countries (generally the poorer third world ones) it's more but, anyway... Let's be generous. Let's say that everyone alive today is from a family of six. And we can afford to be generous because what we're trying to disprove is so ludicrous. Now: You must have had at least two parents. That's father, that's mother. And, unless these are brother and sister, these must have had their own parents too. So, there are your grandparents. So that's... four... six people accounting for six. Hum... So... I can account for the people alive today with only going back two generations. Ah, but this is too simple, isn't it? This assumed that there's only one generation alive at once. Well, I'm alive, and I'm old enough to have kids No, really! And my parents are alive. So let's say that there are three generations were alive all ***at*** once. And they're all from families of six. Now you get this: Here is you, here are your brothers and sisters, here is mom and dad (both from families of six), your aunts and uncles, and here are your grandparents (again from families of six). That's fourty two people in all.That's quite a family! So Now then: How many ancestors would account for this lot? Well... You must have had at least eight great grandparents. And (assuming that these weren't incestuous brothers and sisters), that's sixteen great great grandparents, and thirty two great great great grandparents. Fifty six people here. Now these are all only children, you see? In the past absolutely everyone was an only child. So the population was dying out, dying out, and then suddenly BOOF! This big family. Fifty six now dead ancestors in just three generations. And how long is a generation? Well... You say 'Twenty five years? It's not even a century!' But (you say) it's even more complicated than that. Because... Well, your aunts and uncles would have children so you would have hordes of cousins. And your grandparents were from families of six as well. So you'd have vast regiments of second cousins. Yeah, all right. Let's indulge you. Here's you. Here are your siblings, here's mom, here's dad, all your aunts and uncles, cousins, and so many second cousins that i had to draw them in 3D just to get them on the board. Right. This is three hundred and twelve people in all. Was there ever in the world a family this big? I mean you'd... You'd have to start doing your Christmas cards in June! Right... So, how many ancestors would account for this lot? Well, it's possible that they could all be descended from just eight people. And, assuming that these weren't incestuous brothers and sisters, then that's from, sixteen, thirty two, sixty four, and so forth. Six generations of single child ancestors gets us to five hundred and four. So that easily accounts for the huge family still alive today. And what's six generations? Two centuries at the very most? And the man has been around for considerably longer than that. In fact he's been around for about, two-million-years. To give you an idea of what that means, get this: 90% of all the people who have ever lived were hunter-gatherers. Just think of it... Wau! More people alive today than have ever lived... No, no, no, no, NO! You're wrong! People derive from other people! Where else you think I come from?! Cro-Magnon man alone has been around for forty thousand years!You just haven't thought this through! Do you know how many generations that is? I'm sorry. But it's the only language they understand. And that 90% has shaped human physical development. All those hundreds and thousands of generations favouring some characteristics, rejecting others, gradually perfecting the hunter-gatherer. Body size and structure, dietary requirement, and the brain, which determines our instincts. We are adapted to THEIR world. Not ours.

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Built for the Stone Age - part two: Population

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