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Good evening friends. Tonight is the first day of the month of pisces the double fish. First of all, it's interesting to know that one is going one way and one is going in the other way, typical almost to nature of pisces. Pisces people generally are really good business people. Sometimes they're delusionary in their lives. They visualize things perhaps that aren't real. So if that's true, there must be a contradiction because how can one be so very good in business and very good sense in people and yet have this delusions? and the answer is simple Pisces has a depth in his intuition, in his knowledge of people. He can almost taste the person, he can almost feel innately his nature and a lot of the business that pisces do comes not from the analytical but rather from the gut reaction. And most of the time, they are very accurate, they're right on. The things that we need to know about, specially now, is that we are in a time where they can love deeply, they can empathize deeply, they have a lot of compassion, they can even forgive people who've hurt them so deeply and yet at the end they can become their friend, forget the past and it's a marvelous characteristic that a lot of us don't have. What we need to have is a lack of judgement and we should have more and more compassion because the obstacles will come into our way and we'll have to say to ourselves "is this coming in my life from a place of judgment or is it coming to my life as an opening to another door?" Leave the judgement aside, yes affect yourself with deep care but also be responsible to your own feelings and your own ability to feel through empathy where the person is and I'm not saying to not help them, of course you do. make sure you're involved in the equation because this can happen. You know, Pisces loves to dream of things that never was but life has to be filled with those things that definitely happened and you being a pisces have the ability to go deeper and deeper and deeper into an account of what is. Pisces has to worry about, of course, addictions and convictions of things that aren't there. You're opening up a new world, a new space in time where you can be the master of your kingdom. Enjoy this month. Have a wonderful time and swim to the deep waters and remember that when you stand on the shallow side that you've overcome your spiritual barriers and to see through them into a space that you are whole with yourself and with others. Have a wonderful month and thank you.

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