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Femmes Solidaires (Women in Solidarity)

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Women of Notto: Many ethnicities, one culture: Solidarity Here in Notto, there are many ethnicities. Me, I'm Peulh, originally from Diawlene but I came here with my husband. We are a real family. All the women have formed a group and we share everything. Me, I'm Toucouleur but I don't speak my language. Whether Toucouleur, Serere, Peulh, everyone is the same without discrimination. We come here, we are supported. We are all in solidarity. Me, I am Mauresque, originally from Kebemer. Here I have joined my husband. I feel fine. Here we live in peace. If someone bothers one of us, it's everyone's business. We are from diverse origins. but we have formed a community. I come from Lambaye, and I came to join my husband here in Notto Diobass. Here we don't have any problems. We live without stories, in harmony. I am Diola, I come from Bignona and I am Catholic. I live here without any problems. I could be rejected because of my religion, but that is not the case. I come here often, without any kind of animosity. Here is a land of peace and hospitality and we understand each other well no matter what the ethnicity. We live in harmony and we communicate well whether we are Peulh, Wolof or something else. It's because we live in good spirit. Each of us could have decided to speak our own language but it's not that way because of our good community spirit. When there is a family ceremony at the Peulhs, the Bambaras or the Wolofs everyone is there. I am Serere, originally from Sine but I barely speak our language. Here, there are Toucouleurs, there are Maures there are Manjaques, all kinds of ethnicities. And we live in harmony without any kind of ethnic distinction.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 31 seconds
Year: 2008
Country: Senegal
Language: French (France)
Producer: Plan Senegal, Senegalese Youth
Director: Senegalese Youth
Views: 81
Posted by: lraftree on Dec 8, 2008

Women of many ethnicities live together in harmony in Notto.

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