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Why Music_Chloe

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[WHY Music, UNLEASHING THE POWER OF MUSIC TO TRANSFORM HUMANITY] One time at school it was kind of a rough day. [Chloe, Sixth Grade Student/WHY Music Incubator Pilot] I was kind of being tough on myself 'cause it didn't go that great and I was stressed out. And then when I came home I just played some music, and it made me feel so much better and so much more calm and relaxed. It was crazy. It just changed my mood, and it was really nice and it made it so I could focus on what I needed to get done and reduced my stress a lot. I didn't really think that music really had that much of an impact. I thought maybe it was just like noise that we like. But now I realize how much it can affect your brain so much to make it so it's easier to remember things and easier to do things and just it helps you learn. And that's why I feel like it's so important to have it in education because a lot of music's value is concentration and focusing. And sometimes school can cause a lot of stress, and if you have music there it can reduce that stress and make school so much easier. I saw how it could change my emotions, like I saw that it can definitely make you more calm and more energized, especially when we were doing the drum circle. It affects your brain and it makes you feel accomplished, especially making music. But listening to that music and seeing how you could play that in unison, it was really cool. It just makes you feel so creative like you could do anything. [Thanks to our partners HELP SUPPORT WHYMUSICINSCHOOLS.COM] [WELLNESS + LEARNING, VISIT OUR WEBSITE] [EarthTones, Transforming the human spirit through the power of music and film.] [WHY Music, UNLEASHING THE POWER OF MUSIC TO TRANSFORM HUMANITY,]

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Why Music_Chloe

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