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Living in Integrity with Ren Hurst Episode 3 Consent

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New World Sanctuary Foundation In a world where conformity rules ... ... One woman ... ... looked within ... ... and found herself ... ... ... a woman who became a trailblazer .. ... ... Living in integrity with Ren Hurst Hi,it's Ren again. I have no idea how to start these videos especially since we're gonn continue them but i'll figure that out along the way. So,i've been reading some of the comments from the last video i posted about horseback riding being exploitation and i saw a few things that got me inspired to run out here and address a new topic. And this one is about consent because what i'm seeing is for the riders and trainers defending themselves and saying that their horses want to be ridden and say yes all the time. I get it.But what i want to express to everyone is that domesticated animals just like children aren't in a position to offer consent for the use of their body. So,when you have an individual like that, that you are 100% responsible for their care and well-being, and ultimately you control every aspect of their life to some degree, it's irresponsible to take advantage of that,truly. And so even if you have a horse or a dog or a child coming and say:"Yes, i'm ok with that." If that looks like you're using them or their body, please take that into consideration because that's just gross misconduct of our responsibility as their caretaker. There's no difference in a horse saying yes to the use of his body and you allowing yourself to do that, especially since almost all domesticated horses are operating from some state of learned helplessness having been controlled and managed and manipulated from day one of being brought into a domesticated situation which i will make another video about how you correct that at some point. But it's just irresponsible of us to put beings in our care and then use them, even if they say yes, because the truth is, is a truly free being, a being that really,really knows they have a choice, i haven't met one yet that will say yes, knowing what that is. I mentioned in my last video that i have a horse here that i took through the Nevzorov school that has and will continue to say yes to being ridden. And the main reason he says yes is because he's never been ridden so he has no idea about how uncomfortable it gets after 10 or 15 minutes when the blood supply to his muscles start shutting down and his back can no longer feel all the sensations just as if you sit in the same position for very long. We adjust ourselves. Horses don't really have a way to do that very well when the rider is on their back.Again, another topic i'll get into a little bit later. So,consent is a big deal to me and i also saw some comments from some very seemingly intelligent ladies discussing my assumed previous abuse and how i was personifying horses and that horses were not equal to people. And when i talk about equality, i'm talking about every living being's equal right to the same love and respect that i wish to receive, not saying horses think,feel or are as intelligent as us necessarily but i am saying that we don't really know any of that for sure, which leads me to one another aspect i wanna cover on this topic because of the area that i live in and some of the nature of the work i do, i've had a lot of animal communicators come into my space and i wanna say first that i have a deep respect for that level of communication which i do believe is possible. However, if it is not grounded in very practical reality, it can become a way of bypassing what's right in front of you. So again, just because you can receive consent from an animal, or hear that they like to do something or want to do something, it does not give you a right as their caretaker to do that to them if it looks like using them in some way, especially when science proves behind a shadow of a doubt that it is harmful to ride horses in almost all ways after about 10 or 15 minutes of being on their back. Again another topic i'll get into a little bit later. But i just wanna address those because i got fired up on it. Not very much fires me up on this topic other than people defending their right to continue to choose control over love when something so much bigger is available to us if we'll just be open-minded and open-hearted enough to pay attention to what is really going on. Domestication in itself is not a loving situation so we have to do the best we can with it and that looks like essentially undomesticating the lives we control and turning them into conscious relationships we can all benefit from. And i'm gonna show you a little more about that as i show more and more interactions with myself and my own horses because i specialized in starting horses under saddle and retraining and rehabilitating the kinds of horses no one wanted to deal with whether they had physical issues or emotional issues they were the ones most trainers gave up on and we have a pretty large herd here and everyone of them operates from a pretty balanced sense of healing just because we totally changed their experience and do things very differently here. But that's about all i have for consent.Please continue sending your questions, lots more topics are on the way because they're pouring in and i just wanna tell you all so much how grateful i am for the response to these videos, to this work and how incredibly uplifting it has been to see how many people are not only ready for this but are happy to see it being talked about. These horses and i have gone through hell in the last 3 years and we're really excited to do something positive with everything we've been through, so thank you so much.

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