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2780 Paying for care

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If you find it difficult to carry out your daily activities, you may be eligible for care or support. So that we can find out what you need and whether we can help, we will carry out something called an assessment. Following the assessment, we will let you know if you have needs that can we can meet. We call these “eligible needs”. Alongside, we will tell you how much money has been allocated to meeting your “eligible needs”. This is called a “personal budget”. You may have to pay some money towards this personal budget, and we will offer to carry out a financial assessment to determine how much you need to contribute. We take care to make sure that the charges we ask you to pay are affordable and reflect your individual circumstances. For example we will assess your income and outgoings and compare these with a standard set of everyday living expenses. We will also take into account what savings you have, if you have more than a set amount, you will be asked to fund the full cost of your care. And if your care is to be provided in a care home and you are a home owner, we may also take the value of your property in to account. When we have completed your financial assessment we will let you know whether we will pay for all of your care, or whether you will have to make a contribution towards it, and how much that will be. It will be necessary for some people to pay the full cost of their care. Charging for care services in this way helps us to have the funds to serve the needs of our whole community. You won’t be charged to have an assessment of your needs or for a financial assessment, but if you don’t have to have a financial assessment, you will be charged at full cost for the services you receive. If you would like more information, please contact us.

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2780 Paying for care

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