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Retratos populares: Radio Pica

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Hey gang, you’re tuned in to Radio Pica, an independent, noncommercial radio station. We broadcast on Barcelona’s 96.6 FM. In the early morning hours of a day in January 1987 without notice, the police arrived and took all of the equipment, absolutely everything, they took it away because they said we were causing an interference with the airport and there was a danger of a plane crash. What is interesting is that they had sent us an initial letter, an initial dossier or notice, about two years before. Had it been true -the fact that there were interferences with the airport- many planes would have crashed. But really, it was an excuse. We were closed for four years. August, 2009 My name is Salvador and I am the founder of Radio Pica, Barcelona’s free radio station that began in 1981, which means that very soon we will reach our 30th anniversary. We’ve been with Democracy Now! for about five or six years, and we broadcast it every day, Monday through Friday, because it is very important to get the news from the sources, without the media coverage of local news outlets, local radio and television, which will present the information from their perspective. The Importance of Alternative Radio Stations The nature of our station is different from others that may exist because, other than giving a voice to people who have no voice, who have a difficult time spreading their voices in corporate media, we also give a voice to and broadcast popular art, either music, theater or literature. There has been an attempt to make some sort of theme park of Barcelona and to dissociate what goes on in the streets, at the grassroots level, the festivals and such, from a situation of general economic crisis that can have an effect on everything. People who had never spoken, who had not even been interested in politics, would lock themselves in their homes and watch soccer or television. Now, because their pockets have been affected, they are very sensitized. And this, in principle, can be a source of hope because, when people find themselves in a situation in which various members of the family, or all of them, are without work, this creates a very, very grave situation. And unfortunately, here we are in the ‘ranking’ with the ‘number one hit’ of the crisis.

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Posted by: democracynowes on May 11, 2012

Democracy Now! en Español se transmite en más de 380 radios en todo el mundo. Radio Pica transmite nuestra programas en Barcelona. Escucha su historia.

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