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Gender of Nouns

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Hola clase. ¿Cómo están? This week we are going to learn the gender of nouns. That means that in Spanish every noun, every thing is either masculine or feminine. So, I have an 'hombre' and of course, he is masculine so we say 'el hombre.' And something female is going to be addressed as 'la mujer.' El hombre y la mujer It's pretty obvious with people, but all objects, all nouns are going to be masculine or feminine. So, is a 'maraca' masculine or feminine? You just have to memorize that. We say 'la maraca' but then a jaguar is 'el jaguar.' LA maraca, EL jaguar. So as you learn new vocabulary, you want to focus on the use of 'el' and 'la' because it goes along with the noun to let you know if it's masculine or feminine. And if they're plural, they have plural forms in Spanish. So now, you have to say, if you have two 'maracas,' they're feminine, I would say 'las maracas.' And if it's something masculine that's plural, such as two jaguars, I would say 'los jaguares.' So in Spanish there are four ways to say THE: el, la, los, and las. And they let you know if the word is singular, plural, masculine, or feminine. And then once we get that concept down, we're going to talk about making adjectives agree. So, for example, this is 'la maraca amarilla," there's a feminine form for an adjective, 'la maraca anaranjada,' it's orange. And if I had 'el jaguar anaranjado,' it's masculine, but 'la maraca anaranjada', it's feminine. The adjectives will change the ending to make them agree, but we'll study that in a few weeks down the road. For now, work on understanding that EL, LA, LOS, and LAS all mean THE in Spanish. Buena suerte. Hasta la vista.

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Gender of Nouns

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