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Top 6 most venomous insects

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They're puny, they're pesky and they pack a poisonous punch. It's Orkin's Top 6 Most Venomous Insects. Number Six, the honeybee. Besides pollinating plants, vital to our ecosystem and producing that sweet golden nectar we love, the honeybee happens to be the most venomous of all the flying bumblers. Luckily, the meaner is also sweet, making it less likely to attack and perfect for those who can't grow facial hair. Number Five, the paper wasp. The sting of the most venomous wasp on the planet, not only causes itching, redness and painful swelling, it sometimes brings fever, convulsions, kidney failure and brace yourself, diarrhea. It makes you want to run when you see these wasps. Number four Asian giant hornets. Considered the largest hornet in the world, the Asian giant delivers a powerful prick with its quarter inch stinger. Its sting feels like a nail being driven into your skin and its venom contains eight different compounds that not only cause pain but also damage soft tissue and emit an odor that attracts more of its angry friends. Number Three, the red harvester ant. Well, less aggressive than fire ants, the red harvester is still one of the most venomous ants. Their nasty bite induces painful swelling and their venom spreads through the lymph nodes and may cause allergic reactions. Number Two, the Lonomia or assassin caterpillars. As the world's most poisonous caterpillar, a simple brush of these creepy crawlers causes internal bleeding, even within the brain, kidney failure and death. Be careful next time you trek through the rainforests of South America because there are assassins on the loose. Now before we unveil our Number One, remember that the best defense against pests is the number one name in pest control, Orkin. Your Orkin man has pest control down to a science. Okay, we know you're swelling with anticipation to find out what's number one on our Orkin's Top Six and it's the yellow harvester ant. This pain-inflicting picnic record beat up all other insects because it takes less of the yellow harvesters ant's toxin to kill than any other venomous bug. Fortunately, it's only found in one place, Arizona, home to the Grand Canyon and the grand champion of venomous insects. Now, you know which bugs back up their bite with the most badness. Please feel free to let us know what you think. Until next time, sleep tight and don't let any of these insects bite.

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Top 6 most venomous insects

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