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Jad Where are you?! Listen to me now! I wont be able to reach you Meet at .3777 {encrypted location} How much time do you still need to arrive? No! no! You only got 10 mins! SCRATCH I was wondering where this delicious smell was coming from The smell is till the end of the stairs Blessings God bless you Are you going somewhere? My sister called me and told me that my Mother is sick and tired, so were going to make her a visit Oh Really.. Wish her a speedy recovery Then let me go with you No no, you can stay here and take some rest Like you know she's an old lady, she just needs some rest, it'll be a quick visit Alright..fine. Give her my greetings I will no worries Anyway, i prepared you the food if you want to eat, and your clothes are ready if you feel taking a shower Sure no worries , well the smell is so good that anyone can find where the food is Zaynab.. ..Take care of yoursefl In God's will Hello Youssef ! Youssef ! We were only expecting your wife. Luckily, two birds, one stone! So is it a boy or a girl Listen Youssef If you change your home location , and everything related to you, doesn't mean we can't find you anymore We tried everything with you, but its not working Let's see if it's going to work this time Hand in the package that we talked about Tomorrow, 5 o'clock Naher el debche street on the bridge And I dare you telling anyone Man this is your wife you really going to leave her ? No, this is betraying our community What other option do you have ? No matter what, you have to sacrifice! You're in a really hard situation, you don't have an other choice On judgment day the betrayal of the brotherhood will be a great sin At the end no one would give a hand Welcome Seems your wife matters to you now Don't even try to move the flash Its in my right pocket... Hands off! Where is she!? I'm asking you where is she!? Forget about her Youssef ! Youssef ! Calm down ! Youssef calm down ! Think of your son and wife ! If you throw this dog they may not comeback That's the last time I ask you, where is she!? Without your wife's help, we wouldn't have known your location... SCRATCH Script and output : Hussein Kataya Acting : Ayman Sbeiti, Zaynab Ismail, Hassan Nahal, Mohammad Fadel D.O.P : Hussein Kataya Filming : Mohammad Ali Fadel , Mohammad Fares co-director : Aziza Farhat , Mohammad Fares Sound engineering : Hamza Fakih , Mohammad Ali Fadel Makeup : Aziza Farhat , Mohammad Ali Fadel Montage : Hussein kataya, Mohammad Ali Fadel Poster : Mohammad Ali Kataya Special thanks to everyone who contributed to this work

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