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We are what we share

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Welcome to the world WE THINK Thanks to the web millions of people can have their say Information is hidden everywhere: websites, blogs, videos, wikis ... which is prety confusing Everyone is talking at the same time But Ideas take life when the are shared The web gets really creative when people pool their ideas Then they start to be really creative Because new ideas usually come through conversations and the Web is a mass of conversations That's why it is creating mass innovation The 20th century = MASS production for MASS consumption (Factories, cars, TVs, fridges ...) The 21st century = MASS innovation More ideas being shared by more people than ever before The first signs of what is possible are Wikipedia and Linux, Slashdot, oh my news and World of Warcraft Millions of people creating games, worlds, knowledge, information, software Old groaning corporations are the wrong shape to do this They looked like this Pyramids Mass innovation comes from communities Which look more like this Its like building a birds nest Where everyone leaves their piece And why are people drawn to these communities? Not to get rich ... They want to socialize and get recognition for the work they do The motto of the generation growing up with the web is ... WE THINK THEREFORE WE ARE That should be good for Democracy because more people will have a voice Equality because knowledge can be set free to help people who need it but cannot pay ... Freedom because more people will know what it's like to be creative That sounds like utopia And there is a lot to be worked out How do we protect what is private? Are we always safe sharing? What if wikipedia is crap? How do we earn a living when everyone is freely sharing theis ideas ... In the past you were what you owned Now you are what you share .. What do you think?

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Posted by: pgaval on May 8, 2008

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