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Process of Digestion

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The Four Stages of Digestion. Hi everyone. In this video I will explain to you How we get from this sandwich, to this waste products. So there's four stages involved to this process They are called... ingestion, digestion, absorption, and elimination And we're going to look to each one of them and see what they do. The first one is ingestion and simply means getting the food to your mouth. The second one is called, digestion, It basically means making big particles to smaller ones. For example, push it in to your mouth eventually it will end up as big molecules and... at the end... we have small molecules that can be absorbed by your blood that's the next step. Absorption. Absorption basically means absorbing all the nutrients into our blood. and it's done in the... intestines. And the last one, elimination. It means getting rid of all the waste products that we don't need. So let's look at where all of these happens. We can see that... the ingestion happens in your mouth... getting the food to your mouth. And there's already some digestion happening in your mouth. It's called, mechanical digestion. Pushing it, chewing it right with our teeth. Ans afterwards, it goes to our stomach. And that's where most of the digestion happens. And this is called chemical digestion making the big molecules into smaller ones. After that, in the intestines right here.... we can see that... there's also some digestion going on but also... absorption. So the nutrients going to our blood strain. And finally... everything we don't need is eliminated to your anus. And that was all for today. Thank you for watching.

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Posted by: smsheilamae on Feb 20, 2017

The 4 stages of digestion
- ingestion
- digestion
- absorption
- elimination

for the video

this is for my school project.

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