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Hitchens: Faith Holds an Empty Sac

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Do yourself and your faith the honor of saying it's faith. Don't say it's science based. You won't get away with it. >>Look, the argument would be, Christopher, is that if the Universe exploded into being, out of nothing, then miracles are possible, because the greatest miracle of all has already occurred. The question is: have miracles occurred in the 1st century? That requires another debate. Whereby we have to look at the historical evidence and see. And if it is true, that Jesus really did come and say and do the things that the New Testament writers said he did, then whatever he teaches is true, because he rose from the dead, he was god, if he taught that there will be an intervention, then there will be, that's the argument and I find to support it. >>A sentence or two from David Hume would correct what you said: A miracle is defined not as part of the natural order but as a suspension of the order, that is a suspension of what it stunts, you may not do that. However, if you meet someone, in the street, who you yesterday saw executed, you can say, either that an extraordinary miracle has occurred, or that you are under a very grave misapprehension. And David Hume's logic on this, I think, is quite irrefutable, he says: "What is more likely: that the laws of nature have been suspended in your favor and in a way that you approve, or that you've made a mistake?" And in each case you must -- and especially if you didn't see it yourself, and you're hearing it from someone who says that they did. I would go further and say the following: I'll grant you, that it would be possible to track the pregnancy of the woman Mary, who's mentioned about three times in the bible, and to show that there was no male intervention in her life at all, but yet she delivered herself of a healthy baby boy. I can say, I don't say that's impossible. Parthenogenesis is not completely unthinkable, but it does not prove that his paternity is divine. And it wouldn't prove that any of his moral teachings were thereby correct. Nor, if I was to see him executed one day and see him walking the streets the next, would that show that his father was god or his mother was a virgin, or that his teachings were true, especially given the commonplace nature of resurrection at that time and place. After all, Lazarus was raised, never said a word about it. The daughter of Jairus was raised, didn't say a thing about what she'd been through. And the gospels tell us that at the time of the crucifixion all the graves in Jerusalem opened, and the occupants wandered around the streets to greet -- So his resurrection was something of a banality at the time, not all of those people clearly were divinely conceived. So I'll give you all the miracles and you'll still be left exactly where you are now: -- Holding an empty sac ! --

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Faith Holds an Empty Sac

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