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Mystical Journeys - Sadhguru in the Lost City

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Certain parts of India way back Maybe five, six, seven thousand years ago This kind of thing was there with the whole nation The whole land, the whole continent was dedicated to inner wellbeing, the human being But later on things took on and extenal wellbeing became more significant than the inner wellbeing But in the recent past, probably, not probably, it is That Tibet is the only place where a whole nation was dedicated to inner wellbeing of a human being In the last thirteen, fourteen hundred years they maintained this, that slowly they deepened the process and made the whole nation into a spiritual process The whole country, just being dedicated to human consciousness Not to the comforts of his body or the fancy of his mind but just to human consciousness. It was a tremendous experiment in a way In a way Tibet has been an absolutely fantastic laboratory for human consciousness Buddhism, per se as it was started initially is too dry, too dry. It is not for the population It is for the monks. So, along the way a few enlightened beings made a nice blend of yogic and tantric cultures They wove it into the Buddhist way of life. So already it had completely absorbed the Indian, yogic and tantric cultures That is the amalgamation that you today see as the Tibetian Buddhism which is unique in its own way because of this four or five different ingredients. I can't believe I'm here. I'm just too happy and these mountains are so, so wonderful. I want to get out of this bus Lhasa has been known as a forbidden city As nobody other than the initiated were allowed into the city because it has been a history of such vibrant, alive spiritual process a no holds barred spiritual process that they did not want the uninitiated to come in and make the wrong conclusions about them Being there today at the Potala Palace If I look at it from the perspective, giants like Patanjali or Agastya muni or Shiva himself Let's say some truly great scientists were doing something something very big, let's say space technology or nuclear technology and a few children who were not supposed to take anything from there They picked up bits and pieces here, there, everything And they somehow put it together like toys They were only trying to make toys but they ended up with a spacecraft That is how Tibetan Buddhism looks to me That is the beauty of it That is the simplicity of it At the same time that is its frailty also

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Mystical Journeys Mount Kailash -- even from its outer appearance, this magnificent peak in the Tibetan part of the Himalayas seems distinctly different. A geological phenomenon -- maybe, breathtaking in its sublime beauty -- without a doubt, but what makes it one of the most sacred places in the Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Bon religion alike? In 2006 and 2007, Sadhguru and along with him groups of meditators, set out to explore the truth behind the legends, and what they found was "too incredible for any sensible man to believe."

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