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Address by the President of Liberland - June 2015

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Liberland was created on the 13th of April to honour the birthday of Thomas Jefferson It was established on No Man's Land We have received statements from Serbia as well as from Croatia indirectly confirming that The Serbian Foreign Ministry sent us a letter, directly saying Liberland is not formed on the territory of the Republic of Serbia Croatia, on the other hand, released a note saying That they don't take the claim on the land seriously But on the other hand they have placed special police units Around the border to protect their own interests Thousands of people have been turned away Many of them were arrested Croatia still wrongly believes that the territory of Liberland constitutes a part of Serbia For this reason, I would like to begin formal discussions on the topic of a border agreement With Serbia as well as with Croatia We are sending diplomats from all over the world to promote these discussions With billions of dollars of investments already pledged from all around the world To the development of Liberland I believe that everybody will recognize the benefits that Liberland has to offer to the neighboring region Around 330,000 potential citizens have registered on the Liberland web page Out of which, for example, 8,000 come from USA, 5,000 come from Russia And around 6,000 come from Serbia At the moment, more than 40,000 people Are fully eligible for citizenship Additionally, I am proud to say that the first citizen of Liberland Was a reporter Eric Lyman from ‘USA Today’ At this time, we only have as little as 100 citizens This is because this individuals were able To significantly contribute to our efforts of creating a new nation Not only that, they were also able to go to our base camp in Serbia Which is right next to Liberland at the time Everybody who applies is welcome to do the same Although some people may think that a voluntary tax zone inside this region Might be harmful to the budgets of neighbouring nations People tend to forget the enormous business opportunities For companies of these nations Which will be turned into public revenues in the near future Anyway, anyone can already transfer their businesses To places like Hong Kong or Monaco to avoid paying taxes So we are not introducing anything new That is also the reason why we have moved all of our Financial transactions from the Czech Republic to Hong Kong The problem of today is quite the opposite Many wealthy people receive more money from the state Than they pay in taxes What we are building is something completely new A state based completely on voluntary taxes It will be a modern way to found a State Through crowd-funding campaigns It has been two months since we founded Liberland And we have already set up functional diplomatic offices In Norway, France, Spain, Switzerland As well as in Hungary, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic We have Swiss, Norwegian, German French and Spanish political parties supporting us There are over 3,500 people with diplomatic connections in our database We are just finishing the analyses of these connections And we are starting to make full use of them By the end of June I will have visited the United Kingdom and France And afterwards, I am going for an extended tour to the United States I will be speaking at the FreedomFest in Las Vegas One of the most prestigious events of its kind in the world I have already begun unofficial talks with many politicians As well as various heads of state about the recognition of Liberland You can follow my diplomatic mission on our news feed We have now released a revised version of our Constitution And we also established a basic set of laws I have decided that Liberland will comply With a number of international treaties that concern human rights And basic international diplomacy Liberland intends to become a member of the European Free Trade Agreement (EFTA) As well as Schengen Area, which is a free movement area within Europe. We were able to test our platform To show our concept of voluntary taxation in practice We have implemented a state-of-the-art system That now manages the thousands of emails which we have received We have also released our first version of the land registry system We are working on a social network for applicants and citizens Which will enable them to follow their citizenship status We are looking to find out a good system To set up websites for all of our embassies There are still many technological tasks ahead of us To create a country where most of the bureaucracy will be handled by computers It is now possible to travel to our base camp in Serbia through Ryanair The flights go from London to Osijek in Croatia AIR-Liberland has just started direct flights from Prague as well Additionally, there are plans for charter buses From Belgrade, Zagreb and Prague by Calypso Tours These will be fully operational in the time of our first big event On the third of July to celebrate Liberland’s day of independence We will have a music stage, along with shops and restaurants for you to take pleasure in We will enlarge our fleet of vessels, allowing us to Accommodate more people for trips to Liberland There will be entertainment onshore as well as in the water You are all most welcome to come and enjoy this great event We now have a unique chance to start something new Something that can positively change the world forever We will make full use of this chance If you haven't applied for citizenship yet This is the best time to become a member of our new community at Live and let live!

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Year: 2015
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