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P-Plus Labour Registration system

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P-Plus access control provides your workers with a safe and easy way of accessing your business With P-Plus wireless, the only manual action which is required is a workers first task The industrial wireless network is controlled by a coordinator device P-Plus automatically counts the number of harvested fruit The production and position of the trolleys in the glasshouse is real-time communicated to the server You can be shown the current production status at any time Workers are motivated by showing them how fast they are performing Productivity targets are an important tool in the daily management of your business Speed should not compromise quality To monitor quality, we launched the P-Plus Harvesting Trolley Monitor The identity of the harvesting worker is automatically shown at the sorting line The sorting worker assesses the quality of the work of the harvesting worker The work of the harvesting worker can be given a score Workers can view the scores using the P-Plus Canteen Module My name is Wilfred van Winden Together with my brother Vincent we have 28 acres of vine tomatoes We switched to HortiMaX at the start of 2002 Before then, we used Van Vliet equipment We were always pleased with this equipment The price/quality ratio was good At the time, HortiMaX was a company in the making HortiMaX also supplied good equipment at a fair price the horticultural sector and was recommended by colleagues So it wasnt a difficult decision to make Also because the products were all supplied by the same company HortiMaX supplied both our climate control and labour registration systems Crane scales allow workers to weigh the product they've harvested themselves P-Plus weighs the container and saves this information, along with the worker and row The results can be displayed immediately Quick, easy and result-oriented! This tells you the amount of product harvested before it has even been processed My name is Ad van Adrichem I work at the brothers Duivestijn and am responsible for the crops The business was started 4 years ago and covers 29 acres It is actually divided into 2 areas of 14.5 acres, because we grow 2 different varieties of tomato We do, however, only grow round tomatoes We use the P-Plus labour registration system for a number of reasons Access control You can set up the access times It also shows you who entered the premises and at what time We also use P-Plus for internal transport It shows us exactly how many kilos were harvested in which rows The other features we use are quality control, productivity targets and working hours We also assess workers based on the information these provides us Quality is very important to us We often check the work done in the rows without knowing who did the work We only, however assess, the quality of the work This enables us to tell workers to harvest greener or redder tomatoes Or their work may be just fine, of course Duivestijn harvests the tomatoes in containers The containers are transported automatically to the processing area The weight of each container is registered along with the harvesting worker and the row This means that workers do not have to weigh the containers themselves This method saves time and prevents mistakes P-Plus, a lot of our customers can't do with out it The fixed weighbridge automatically weighs the containers

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P-Plus was designed to register labour and production data in a market garden or glasshouse business. P-Plus allows you and your workers to register labour, production and observational data on one of the terminals in the workplace. These data can, for instance, be used to generate reports on level of production in certain aisles, the progress of certain activities, worker productivity and any pests or diseases which your workers have observed. All of the data entered on the terminals are instantly processed by the central computer and can be accessed straightaway, enabling you to take quick and informed decisions.

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