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Jacque Fresco from Project Venus 20/01/2010 pt10

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We live in a sick world that demands - what they call - entertainment. ----PLEASE DON'T TOUCH---- ----STILL IN TRANSCRIPTION PHASE---- What they go for is not socially productive. And, so, in the future we will have soap operas - the same kind of thing - only one difference: a little girl comes up to a daddy and says: "Daddy, I'm gonna be a social psychologist." And he says: "What's that?" Then it shows what it is. So every soap opera you come away smarter. Everybody who comes through here walks out different. [Interviewer: That's basically what my show's about. It's like... It's entertaining - combat this and that - but it's like... it elevates through the process of entertaining. It's called 'entraining'.] It is the best you can... Alright. So, in the future we'll have less and less bullshit on TV - more and more informative stuff - that makes people not only wiser, better kinder... And this, to me, is all religion translated... ...instead of a verbal hobby, where you keep bothering God all the time. So, like I say, there's nothing in this that will hurt anybody. And all these systems... People are prepared for change. They accept change emotionally and intellectually. But if you build a statue of Fresco and put it here and say "This guy designed that city" you hold people back. That's ego. I don't want any statues. I told Roxanne: "If I kick the bucket, take these ashes and flush it down the john." I have no reason to mourn and be remembered. I want you to go on and make it better. Do you have a laptop? Do you? Ok. A laptop ten years ago... would cost about 10 million dollars, what a laptop does. It occupied a whole building. Today they got it all in one little laptop. Two years from now, they will be half the size. And you will be able to verbalize command. You understand? And no film in cameras. So, if we go all out in research and developement the standard of living will soar! [Interviewer: All it takes is one of these cities to be functional...] We got already... I build commission to go to Ecuador and design a museum of the future to elevate their kids. They just invited us to Turkey... about... umm... two months ago. We went there and they were so impressed that they're gonna start a Venus Project at their university. And they want me to come down and design also a museum of the future in the first new city. So, right now we got people in Ecuador. We got people all over the world writing about the Venus Project. So, I'll show you something, unless you can get that bottom book. It's called 'The Irish Entrepreneur'. The bottom book... yeah... Hold the other books so they don't fall off. Yeah, the biggest. The bigger one. Yeah, just that one. Now, bring it over here and I'll show you something. That Irish Entrepreneur - they, uh, called us and they emailed us and said: "Will you do an article for this magazine?" I said: "Well..." They sent me a copy and I read it. And it's a money magazine. It's a business magazine. I said: "My article is against everything your magazine stands for." They said: "Do it. We'll print it anyway." I said: "Under the condition that you don't change one word..." They signed an agreement and they ran The Venus Project in Ireland. Let me show you what they did. "Re-designing the World" And they didn't change a word. It's all our stuff: fish farms to grow fish and to put back into the Ocean - can't keep taking things out... So, all of these are methods of solving social problems. Cities in the sea... You don't have soil you have a hydroponic garden... And you have nets under the water growing sea edible food. So, people can live in the Ocean. What they do there is rebuild the reefs. US Army, about 40 years ago, dumped 65 tons of nerve gas of the coast of Miami. The Army! How stupid can you be? Even the soldiers said: "Orders are orders." No, you don't do those things. See, they are not conditioned to think. ...or question authority. So, in our society... Did anything bother you up till now that I talked about? Ok. You're free to do most anything. The cities in the sea are to reclaim the sea. There's all kinds of different cities which I'm going to explain to you later. I want this... This is unconventional stuff that you're getting. But I want that... if we have to run that film over again for many different people 'cos it could take them a little while to get the hang of it but don't get mad at me. I'm not your enemy. I'm just speaking directly and frankly. So, please, think about these things before you set them aside. Now, they tell you that without money people will lose their incentive. Who tells you that? The money system. Martin Luther King did not march into the South because someone said "I'm putting 50 thousand bucks in your bank account". He marched because he believed in that. Now, when you consider Gandhi - who worked for nothing - trying to free India, he did it for nothing. Jesus didn't work for money. God didn't say "I give you 80 bucks if you did this... 80 bucks an hour!" No. I'm afraid of people that work for money. When a guy says "I think your kidney has to come out" - a doctor - I don't know if he's trying to pay off a yacht or that my kidney has to come out. In the money system it's very difficult. This system... The doctor can't say to you "It's all in your head. Take this pill. Call me in three days." The doctors - a medical group - is responsible for the health of everybody in the community. It's an impartial group that comes in and checks the health. It's mostly computerized. And, of course, if we lower certain standard some of them has to go back to school. They're not punished or hurt. Do you understand? And they can't say "It's all in your head". ...'Cos the health check determines that. So, nothing is left in the hands... Like, you don't come up to Fresco and say "Can I check out a sail boat Saturday"... I say "There's 15 people before you"... Uh, we build more sail boats than the people ask for. And you don't have to come to me or fill out any forms. The only difference is you're monitored by a satellite. In case there's trouble at sea where you were at. Not big brother looking for you. [Interviewer: It comes from the desire to be of service... rather than desire to serve the self.] Right. Am I getting to you? Is there anything in The Venus Project that bothers you? Alrgiht. Now, let me polish it off... There's no government. Not to no people. 'Cos people try communism, socialism, fa... they all failed. So, the second picture is the government of the future. Let me describe it to you. We have six satellites around the Earth that project a hologram. You know what that is? ...of the Earth. So, you're looking at the real world. So, you can see every hurricane, the temperatures all over the world, and from 3000 miles in space with an infrared camera plant diseases show up as red in the Amazon jungle. All over the world you can see the condition of plants. No more opinions. And if you, say, walk over to those image screens and you talk... You say: "How many planes are in the air right now?" It'll say "Twelve thousand four hundred and four... four hundred forty eight..." Continuous inventory. Every hurricane. Every fish migration. Under the water we have sonar which shows...

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Jacque Fresco from Project Venus 20/01/2010 pt10

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