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Brother's Justice

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♪ [light piano] ♪ [old jazz style movie music] (Dax) I have an idea for a movie. Me, as a martial arts lead, called "Brother's Justice" Me starring, writing, producing, and executive producing. I'm willing to spend up to $400,000 of my own money. Or $100,000 of his and then $300,000 of mine. In order to get a million dollars. It's about Lance and Patrick Justice - they're brothers. Their father was a special ops guy in Vietnam, ...motorcycle gang...crystal meth...horseback... We're going to have to [beep] fight our way down this mountain. This is a terrible idea. I think it's a good idea. You don't know martial arts, and you don't have money either, I'm assuming. So I'm not sure what you really have. (Dax) You brought me into this, this industry, and you gave me my start. And then now I'm back here. Opportunity of a lifetime for you, something you could really sink your teeth into. I'm being very forthcoming about it. That your involvement does hinge on your getting James Cameron, You know martial arts? (Cooper) Yeah! (Dax) Well what do you know? (Cooper) I know Brazilian jujitsu, idiot! Ohh, [beep]. Are you going to make out with me until I tap out? [beep] [beeeeep] Aaahh! Aahh! (Cooper) Are you good? (Dax) Yeah, yeah. (Cooper) Relaxed? (Cooper) I'm going to let you up, okay? (Dax) Those guys are funny. They may be funnier than me - I don't know. But I know this - I could knock their [beep]ing teeth down their throat. (Favreau) This isn't about who you can fight or who you can beat, it's a movie. Picture Jim Carrey with [beep]ing crazy faces, and he's got no teeth. Al-righty then. No teeth. He's funny would throw up everywhere. ♪ [rock, styled like the theme from "Flash"] [tires squealing] Ahh! [revving] Ow! [grunting] I highly advise that you not go out with this before this is properly vetted. That's okay. They didn't want to make E.T., so.... [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Jun 26, 2011

Brother's Justice

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