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Sensory Integration Dysfunction (SID) is a common associated disorder for autistic children. There are three types of SID. The first one is hypersensitivity. [Simulation footage] Thay may have atypical reactions towards certain frequency or sound. For example, they may be irritated if they hear the noise from construction sites or hair dryers. Oppositely, some children may have a hyposensitivity towards pain, so they may not know that they are always stumbling. Some children are especially interested in things that are spinning or operating at high-speed. Therefore, they may spin themselves. When the brain is analysing the sensations, it will filter them based on magnitude, nature and intensity of stimuli. For example, droplets generated from washing face and hair are usually not offensive, but it is different for autistic children. Since their sensory gating, amplification or sensory system are dysfunctional, they may have hypersensitive reactions or extreme behaviours. They may even hate washing hair and keep themselves away from water entirely. The same as many autistic children, Ho Yee has sensory disorders to different extents that require care from her parents. She has to face many difficulties in handling hair. She cannot cut or wash her hair. Before she turned 5, one of us had to hold her, then the other one had to wash her hair and finish before she wailed We tried it before. It was not working. If we grasped her and poured water on her, she would definitely scream and wail. The most significant and profound impact is that she will be scared when she sees me afterwards. She couldn't build a sense of security with me for a long time back then. She was scared when she saw me. Later, we try progressively. The school teaches me the strategies on reducing the sensitivity gradually. We first pour water on her feet, then her hands. If she doesn't resist, we will gradually move upwards. When we are getting near to her head, we will first spray water on her face, then her hair.

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